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Heat protection for your hair

Your locks are one of your greatest beauty assets, so you should be doing everything you can to protect them and keep them shining. We know, it can be difficult to maintain your hair in a healthy state while also keeping up with color and style trends. If you're using heat on your hair daily, though, you should definitely consider protective measures to guard against heat damage, split ends and broken strands. Here are four ways to heat proof your hair and keep your locks looking fabulous.

Use a Heat Protector or Damage Repair

aveda damage remedy

There are so many products on the market that allow us to easily protect our strands without doing too much extra work. Some of these add a protective coat to our hair follicles, ensuring that the heat from our hair tools doesn't break down our sensitive locks. Many of them can be applied when your hair is either wet or dry, and they come in different spray, serum or gel forms. We prefer AVEDA Damage Remedy because it repairs prior heat damage while preventing further hot-tool breakage.

Use an Ionic Hair Dryer

ionic hair dryer bio

There are plenty of ways to damage and dry out your hair; the most common is to use a regular hair dryer (without the protective extension) on the highest heat setting. In order to avoid heat damage, use an ionic hair dryer like the Bio Ionic 10X Ultralight Speed Dryer—it generates particles to trap in moisture and dissolve the water in your hair. If you're using a regular hair dryer, be sure to use it on a medium to low heat setting and always use the extension.

Add a Dry Shampoo to Your Regimen

batiste dry shampoo

Less washing is great because it means less drying, and therefore, less opportunity for serious heat damage to your locks. Washing and drying your hair daily is not only time consuming, it's also extremely risky for your strands. Try to wash and dry your hair only two to three times per week, and use a good dry shampoo like Batiste on off-days.

Wear Next-Day Curls

sea spray paul mitchell

Just as easing up on the hair dryer can significantly improve the texture and moisture of your hair, so can reducing how often you use your hot tools. Since the natural mermaid look is totally in, go for next-day curls as often as possible by reducing your hot tool use to just three times per week. To achieve this, tie your hair up in a loose, high bun when you go to bed or put your hair in braids and go for the kinked beach look. Add a touch of texturizing spray like Paul Mitchell's Awapuhi Wild Ginger Sea Spray the next day and you're set.

Heat protection is the kind of love your locks will thank you for, and you'll feel it in the way your strands continue to shine. Take the time to find and invest in the proper products and hair tools—you won't regret it.

Damage already done? Get it healthy again by following HBfit's tips and take regular supplements to promote beautiful, supple hair.

Photos: Unsplash, AVEDA, BioIonic, Batiste, Paul Mitchell

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