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5 Tips for Beautiful Brows

woman-eyebrow-shape The mainstream fashion world is finally catching up to what many of us girls have always known — big brows are beautiful. Whether they're on Solange Knowles, Jourdan Dunn, or Golshifteh Farahani, eyebrows provide the definition, expression, and shape that makes any look unforgettable. But beautiful brows don't just come from anywhere. The perfect pair of eyebrows are equal parts luck, pluck, and pigment. Before embarking on your eyebrow journey, check out our five essential makeup, shaping, and growth tips that will help you achieve the brows of your dreams, whatever your starting point. Filling In: If you find yourself hating on your thin eyebrows, never fear — filling in your brows is easy, and only takes a few simple tools from your makeup kit. Firstly, make sure that you’re well-stocked on eyebrow pencils, like this sweet set by Shiseido. Then, start on filling them in using a shade lighter than your natural hair color. Fill in the spots closest to the bridge of your nose with short, light strokes, moving out towards the body of the brow. Once you’re done, brush the brows lightly to make sure the color is well-distributed throughout, and your eyebrows are good to go! Shaping: There are many methods for shaping eyebrows. For thinner eyebrows, a great product like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz pencil can give you some serious precision when filling in and combing unruly brows. For longer eyebrow hairs, some targeted plucking can make all the difference. Spare sprouts and wayward hairs can be picked off easily, using tweezers or eyebrow razors. When it comes to plucking, though, tread lightly — over-tweezed eyebrows can suffer later in life from stunted growth. If it’s a simple issue of keeping hairs in place, products like Anastasia Beverly Hills brow gel give you long-lasting hold that looks and feels natural. Grooming: If you have thicker and longer hairs, there’s a good chance your brows need some TLC every now and then. If you choose to go in that direction, this is when salon treatments like eyebrow threading or waxing come on the scene. But for the DIY-lovers, high precision facial wax strips are the best option for keeping your brows in proper form without causing collateral damage. Natural Growth Tricks: If your brows are thinner than you’d like, there are all kinds of natural remedies that can come in handy. Regular applications of coconut oil, castor oil, and olive oil have all been claimed as brow boosters, accompanied with gentle massage for the sake of better blood circulation. Gently exfoliating the skin in the area, or even trying amplifying serums, can contribute to healthy brow growth while you grow them out. Health and Hormones: On the chemical level, there any number of reasons people might experience low hair growth. Ask your doctor about hormone levels, or nutrient deficiencies. Iron and zinc help boost hair follicle growth, and omega-3 fatty acids help hydrate damaged hair. A healthier overall lifestyle often leads to healthier hair growth, and that includes thick, shapeable brows.
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