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7 LUSH Bath Bombs For The Best Bath Ever

Image by LUSH There’s nothing like a good soak. Whether it’s at the end of a long day, a recharge after a tough workout, or a soothing wakeup call, bath time can be the best time to relax and de-stress. If you want to add some oomph to your bath, these 7 amazing bath bombs are for you — courtesy of LUSH Cosmetics. Twilight Sink into the night sky with this luxurious and relaxing bath bomb. Twilight fills the bath with lavender and starry sparkles. The water changes from blue, to pink, to purple, and even darker, so you can drift off and soak blissfully in the middle of the universe. It’s the perfect experience for melting all your stress away. Sex Bomb Sex Bomb is one of Lush’s top selling product, and it’s no wonder why. Loaded with jasmine, clary sage, ylang-ylang, and other amazing natural mood-lifters and aphrodisiacs, this bath bomb is a must-have for that romantic soak with that special someone. The best part? Sex Bomb leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and smelling sexy sweet for hours afterward. Big Blue This bomb takes you right from the bath to the beach. Sea salt and seaweed help soften your skin naturally, and the lemony lavender scent infuse your bath with a gentle fragrance without leaving you feeling slick or oily. Though the seaweed residue isn’t exactly fun to clean up, Big Blue’s benefits outweigh the negatives. Big Blue is pretty much guaranteed to make you feel like a mermaid. Fizzbanger Great for mornings and midday energy boosts! Fizzbanger is loaded with mini fireworks and colorful swirls, and its woody oils add spice, sweetness, and a little musk to your bath. The yummy apple and cinnamon scent is a sure-fire pick-me-up like no other. Butterball Creamy and dreamy, Butterball is a sweet sensation that softens and rehydrates dry skin with cocoa butter and a luxurious vanilla scent. It’s a gentle bomb designed to make everything sweet as can be, warming and moisturizing your skin without feeling oily or tacky. Definitely a must-have for curing winter skin woes. Honey Bee This bomb is designed to soften your skin. Its key ingredient is Moroccan Rhassoul clay, which aids in evening skin tone, reducing breakouts, and improving blemishes. With high silica and magnesium content, it cleanses and soften and moisturizes all in one. Loaded with aloe, Rhassoul clay, and orange oil, this bath bomb is like having an extra-strength skin care treatment right at home. Dragon’s Egg Lemony, flowery, glittery, and spicy, this moisturizing bath bomb’s citrus scent is sure to give you that spark of energy you need after a long day. But be advised — Dragon’s Egg is a fun bath time treat for the senses, but it’ll leave glitter all over in the tub. Not Feeling Lush? Here are our top 3 bath bomb recommendations from some other amazing brands.
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