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Can You Really Solve All Your Problems With Coconut Oil?

2016-03-10-1457633472-7768299-coconutoil A One-Size-Fits-All Beauty & Health Product From the top of your perfectly styled head to your incredibly manicured toes, coconut oil can be beneficially incorporated into everything essential in your daily health and beauty routine. From skin to hair and even to dental care, coconut oil has (literally) got you covered. Coconut Oil: Your New Favorite Moisturizer Coconut oil is an ideal moisturizer. Its pH levels, antioxidants, and fatty acids make it incredibly useful for a variety of skin types, while also being a comfortable moisturizer for dry or sensitive skin. All around, coconut oil is incredibly effective and restorative, and can even be used in cases of emergency for its natural anti-inflammatory and healing properties. For example coconut oil can be safely applied to bruised skin surfaces to speed up the repair of tissue! Want to be moisturized and clean in one step? In a pinch, warming up this ultra-moisturizing oil works as a natural shaving cream, or as a makeup remover (even for your lips) that can be safely cleaned off with water. Further, mixed with granular sugar or sea salt, melted coconut oil can be used as a natural exfoliant to buff out dead skin cells and leave your body feeling smooth and soft. Coconut oil is a popular ingredient in skincare products containing essential oils, herbs, or plant-based extracts. This is because it is a carrier oil, meaning it easily absorbs safely and comfortably into the skin, so it facilitates the absorption of other oils or minerals mixed with it, without altering their internal properties. That’s why many skin care products use coconut oil, like this hydrating after-sun body treatment with aloe vera, or this soothing bubble bath with eucalyptus. Although Coconut Oil is practically all-useful, it is definitely best and most useful when expertly mixed with other beauty and health products. As well, oils can still clog pores if left sitting on the skin surface — so coconut oil is best as an ingredient in your daily skincare routine, rather than as a cleansing agent in itself. Glorious, Full, Moisturized: Your Hair on Coconut Oil Everyone trusts the power of coconut oil — Solange Knowles has been speaking up for years about learning her love of coconut oil for beauty and health from her and Beyoncé’s mom. No matter your hair type, coconut oil can work magic. Products that use coconut oil are essential for your daily hair care and hair repair routine, because they balance out protein and moisture safely, gently, and naturally. For example, SheaMoisture’s Coconut and Hibiscus Curl and Shine Conditioner, and their matching Coconut and Hibiscus curl mousse, are soothingly rich in moisture for curly hair. If your hair is thin, use a bit in your daily conditioner, or you can do a leave in intense-conditioning with it overnight for thicker locks. Smile! Dental Care & Coconut oil Some people even use coconut oil as part of their daily dental hygiene rituals, by swishing coconut oil around in their mouths before brushing to achieve a brighter smile. But does Coconut oil actually whiten your teeth? According to fans of the pre-brushing coconut oil rinse-and-spit, the oil bonds with bacteria and dirt in the mouth, leaving their teeth and gums easier to clean. Still, the science behind this idea isn’t so solid. Anecdotal evidence is strong, but there are so many other reasons why teeth look the way they do; it’s pretty much impossible to confidently point to any one ingredient. While the coconut oil may be the cause of whiter teeth, the health and appearance of your teeth are also influenced by genetics, smoking habits, and consumption patterns — like drinking wine or coffee, or eating high-calcium foods or highly acidic foods- which can damage the enamel on your teeth. However, consuming coconut oil does offer some other benefits for your bite; coconut oil improves one’s body’s ability to absorb essential minerals like calcium and magnesium, which does actually connect to improved oral health.
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