HBFIT Tests: Laser Hair Removal

HBFIT Tests: Laser Hair Removal

Being an #HBFITgirl requires some serious schedule juggling, to say the very least. We’re all out here hustling, maintaining our social schedules, working out and volunteering--and all the while, trying to look great while doing it. Realistically, the latter sometimes takes a backseat. When we're up at 7 to get our sweat in only to head straight to the office or running around the city going from meeting to meeting to an event —it can sometimes be tough to find the time to pamper ourselves efficiently.

This is why we are always looking for time-saving treatments. We have already tried (and become addicted to) eyelash extensions, gel manicures and microcurrent facials. Now that our lashes, nails and skin are looking right--next up on our list? Our bikini line.

We sought out the treatment both from a curiosity and practicality perspective. Countless friends gave us positive feedback on how great their experiences were with laser. Also let’s be real. Shaving is super annoying and who has time to get to a waxing appointment when your day changes minute by minute?!

Once we had decided that we wanted the treatment--the next challenge was locating a legitimate doctor. In attempts to locate the best of the best, we consulted RealSelf.com—and landed on Dr. Heidi Waldorf at Mount Sinai Dermatology. She had a pristine profile with nothing but good reviews and had 184 recorded happy patients with photos to prove it, so we signed up.

Immediately upon meeting Dr. Waldorf, we knew we were in great hands. She began our session by walking us through every step of the process—from the treatment itself to what to expect pain-wise to predicting how many treatments we would need. We won’t lie–laser hair removal isn't all roses. We would equate the pain to getting slapped by a rubber band repeatedly. However–Dr. Waldorf’s team hooked us up with some numbing cream and some Advil and we were all set.

At this point, we have done 4 sessions with Dr. Waldorf and could not be happier with the results. Our ingrown hairs have pretty much disappeared and we've have seen a 75% rate of hair reduction. An added bonus? Dr. Waldorf’s staff is so warm and friendly that I look forward to my routine appointments to catch up with them all.

We plan to continue with her treatments and definitely recommend her service to our #HBFITgirls. And stay tuned for more HBFIT tests where we try out the latest trends and bring you the inside scoop!