HBFIT Tests: Silver Mirror Facial Bar

HBFIT Tests: Silver Mirror Facial Bar

Have you heard of the new facial craze in NYC? We have become addicted to Silver Mirror Facial Bar and their easy and effective treatments. Seriously, we always leave with glowing, radiant skin to the point where strangers on the subway compliment us. We interviewed co-founder, Cindy Kim, formerly of Korean beauty skin startup Peach & Lily. She gave us the inside scoop on these customized and quick facials and her own beauty routine below! silver-mirror-facial-bar-blanket-large How did you come up with the concept for Silver Mirror?

Part of the inspiration for Silver Mirror came from the time I spent living in Korea, where getting a facial once a week is part of a person’s regular lifestyle. The difference between facials in Korea versus in the U.S. is that facials are meant to be viewed as corrective treatments and skin maintenance as opposed to pampered luxuries. Facials in Korea are high-quality, affordable, easy to access, and packed with incredible products and technologies.

Most skincare solutions are less than perfect. Spa facials, dermatology, at-home products and laser treatments can be expensive, time-consuming, confusing and frustratingly ineffective. Silver Mirror was built be a true skincare destination for people in order to not only get their skin treated and see improvement, but also learn about their skin, understand their skin, and use the right products at home for long-lasting results and an overall healthier, more beautiful complexion.

Our facial treatments are rooted in the philosophy and idea that beautiful, healthy skin takes consistent upkeep - just like going to the gym. Receiving routine facials is a must to help keep your skin healthy and glowing. That in combination with a great at-home skincare routine can have impressive results.

Regular facials can also change the way you view and understand your complexion. We provide our customers with expert skin analysis, professional strength exfoliation (a must for smoother, more even toned skin and for skin cell turnover), deep pore cleansing, and the opportunity to work with a professional to address, improve, and maintain skin.


We know your background is in Korean skin care, how has this carried over into this endeavor?

The time I spent in Korea and working in Korean skincare has me always anticipating and on the lookout for the newest and coolest technologies and products to use in Silver Mirror. I am obsessed with skincare that produces results!

Skin and skincare is ever-changing, so if there is a ground-breaking technology, product or ingredient on the market, we want to know about it, try it and if it’s great, offer it to our clients. We view our facials as evolving treatments not only in terms of catering to the progression of our clients’ skin, but in terms of always making our treatments better where we can.

What differentiates you guys from other spas?

Our philosophy at Silver Mirror is to provide no-nonsense, results-driven facials. The priorities here are to understand your skin, and form a treatment plan to help address your biggest skin concerns and help you reach your skin goals. This means that our facials are packed from beginning to end with the best combination of technologies and products, and customized each time to your skin and your skin’s progress.

What we aren’t is a place you go to for a pampered spa treatment. We don’t play spa music. We play upbeat music and we want you to think of us as your sassy skincare-obsessed best friend that tells you how it is and how we’re going to fix it. We believe that facials are meant to help and improve your skin immediately as well as over the long-run, and that facials should be affordable and timely so that you can get them on a regular basis.

Facials here include a variety of high-end modalities and products such as microdermabrasion, hydra-dermabrasion, chemical peels, advanced LED therapy, high frequency, derma-rolling, electrical muscle stimulation, specialty masks, etc. They are included in the facials ($75-$130) whereas at other places many of these technologies and products are treated as expensive add-ons or make the actual cost of the facial very high.

The products we sell here have also been thoroughly tested and hand-picked by the owners and the estheticians. We only sell products that we stand behind 100%. Our favorite skincare lines are those that push results and have the science to back it up.


What services does Silver Mirror offer? What are you guys known for?

We offer a variety of 30-minute and 50-minute facials. The most popular facial at Silver Mirror is the Anti-Aging facial because we use a very unique electric muscle stimulating device in the facial that provides immediate and visible lifting, plumping and tightening. Our celebrity clientele love it!

The Anti-Aging Facial features a number of modalities and treatments that will help to make you look more youthful. The facial begins with a deep cleanse, followed by a customized professional double-exfoliation. This means that we use a combination of physical exfoliation (microdermabrasion or hydra-dermabrasion) and chemical exfoliation (enzymes or light chemical peels) to get rid of dead skin cells that may be contributing to dullness and dryness.

We then use the device I mentioned above, which basically exercises the muscles in your face to produce that lifting effect. The results can be pretty dramatic. We then do a full session of oxygen therapy, which drives over 80 different types of minerals and vitamins into the skin while rehydrating and revitalizing the skin. The facial ends with a red-light LED therapy session, which helps to stimulate collagen and accelerates healing. See? Packed!

Overall, the Anti-Aging Facial includes some of the best products and technologies we have to offer. And since each facial is customized to each person’s skin type and needs, it’s a great option to truly experience what a Silver Mirror experience is all about.


What can someone new to the facial bar expect for their first time?

Someone new to Silver Mirror can expect to enter a bright, fun, skincare-obsessive space. Fun music sets an upbeat tone for your facial. You are greeted by a highly-trained esthetician and led back to one of our comfortable reclining chairs. Your esthetician will begin your cleanse, analyzing your skin as she goes and talking to you about what your skincare needs and goals are.

Your esthetician is able to customize each facial to suit your skin’s specific needs. All of the exfoliation techniques and products we use are included in your facial, not done as an upcharge. This is because we believe that a proper exfoliation is the basis for any good facial and skincare routine. Every single step of your facial is built in with a purpose and you’ll walk out of here with cleaner, healthier skin as well as with an armful of new information and knowledge about your skin.

At the end of your facial, you sit up to a refreshed, hydrated face and are ready to take the rest of the day on with a glow.

What do you do outside of regular facials to maintain and take care of your skin and body? Do you have any tips or tricks you've picked up over the years?

Your skin is very much a reflection of how you take care of your body inside and out. I’m a big believer in making or finding the time to engage in some sort of physical activity or workout on a regular basis, eating well, drinking a lot of water and getting sleep! I’ve been a figure skater my whole life and I notice a big difference in my skin when I’m able to go skate, get my heart rate up, and de-stress from the day.

This is all easy to say of course. It’s a little more difficult to actually implement it into what often become very busy and hectic days. But my take on it is that I simply do the best that I can. If I need to get off track for a couple of days, I don’t beat myself up about it. I embrace it and get back on track quickly.

My skin is on the finicky side so I am forever adjusting my skincare routine to appease its picky needs. What I am always consistent about though is using serums. Serums are key to an effective and good skincare routine. This is because they are formulated to penetrate deeper into the skin and actively treat specific needs and areas.

I use 2-3 serums on a daily basis to help target my different skin concerns. I use hyaluronic acid religiously to keep my dehydrated skin as water-filled and hydrated as possible.


What are some of your favorite skincare lines/products?

I like to switch between an active cleanser and a “resting” cleanser, which is part of the active and resting skincare philosophy of Sanitas Skincare, a line that we use and carry at the facial bar. I alternate between using Sanitas Skincare’s Vitamin C Lactic Cleanser (to help lightly exfoliate and brighten my skin) with a lightweight sensitive-skin cleanser from the drugstore.

My all-star serums lineup includes NIOD’s Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex, iS Clinical’s Active Serum, and Skinceuticals’ Resveratrol B E. I top that off with a moisturizer from Atopalm called the Intensive Moisturizing Cream. It’s intensely hydrating without feeling heavy or oily. I use iS Clinical’s Active Serum at night to keep breakouts at bay. I usually round that out with an anti-aging peptide or Vitamin C serum to help with fine lines.

Thank you Cindy for sharing all about our new favorite facial. We will certainly be back for more.