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Feeling Sexy for Yourself

hannah-bronfman-skarlett-blue I think a lot of women these days forget that feeling sexy is about YOU. With HBFIT’s Empowerment Month and Breast Cancer Awareness Month in full force, I’ve been so inspired recently by so many strong women who feel good in their own skin and effortlessly inspire others. Don’t get me wrong – being sexy can also be about your significant other, but it doesn’t have to be about another person at all. I think what makes a woman feel her sexiest is when she feels entirely confident. Confidence comes from within and setting the foundation underneath your clothes with great fitting bras and underwear makes such a difference. A brand I’ve recently started wearing is Skarlett Blue. With beautifully feminine pieces, you can feel sexy every day by yourself and for yourself. What I love about the brand is that there is a huge focus on quality in construction and fit. The designers create everyday wearable yet still sexy bras and underwear that fit so well it will feel like second skin. Wearing a bra that fits will make you stand a bit taller and you’ll just feel better overall. The pieces are gorgeous and comfortable and will make you feel unapologetically sexy in your own skin. Once you start being brave enough to be sexy for yourself and not for others, your confidence will sky-rocket. You’ll kill it! hannah-bronfman-skarlett-blue-longline-underwire-bra

Hannah is wearing the Socialite Longline Underwire Bra.

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Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece