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#WCW: Sam Wasser

If you’re looking for an HBFIT-approved restaurant to grab a healthy, delicious bite to eat in NYC, by CHLOE. is your spot. When we heard the brand was expanding with new locations all over the country and the new Sweets by CHLOE. bakery next to the restaurant’s Greenwich Village location, we had to get in on the action. We met up with co-founder, Sam Wasser, to get some insider details on the brains behind such a successful, trendy, brilliant business. After trying some delicious treats, we got to chat with Sam herself, and get a taste of her creative, entrepreneurial spirit. We can’t wait for you guys to hear her story and see why she’s our #WCW this week. _dsc3757 by CHLOE. is one of the trendiest hot spots in New York City today, and the excitement just keeps growing. Did you ever think the company would get this big? I think we always hoped that by CHLOE. would be the success it is, but never imagined it would happen as quickly as it did. We were overwhelmed at the amazing reception the restaurant has received. When creating by CHLOE.’s identity as a brand, what were some important aspects you wanted to show customers? I really wanted to make sure that the brand was approachable, fun and appealed to a broad audience. I intentionally chose black and white as the main colors for the logo so we could use pops of bright colors as accents – reflected in everything from the packaging to the interior design. The other aspect I was extremely focused on was the photogenic element of the restaurant, including the food, branding, and interiors. The instagrammability of by CHLOE. has been a huge contributor to our success. You’ve been in the restaurant industry for a while. How is by CHLOE. different from your past projects? by CHLOE. was my first fast-casual restaurant, so that in itself was a gigantic learning experience. We wanted to create an experience that mimicked almost everything you get when you dine at a full-service restaurant, just without the table service, so by CHLOE. was very different from my past projects for that exact reason. by CHLOE.’s philosophy is all about redefining what it means to eat well and eat with purpose. What do those things mean to you? To me, it means being aware of what you are putting into your body. Through the opening of by CHLOE., I became that much more knowledgeable on what that really means. I also think it means taking care of yourself 360, from what you eat, to exercise, work and down time; truly working towards creating a life with balance. Still working on it, but the point is I’m trying! _dsc3778 How did you decide on the branding identity/ logo for by CHLOE.? I am so lucky to get to work with my Laureen Moyal at Paperwhite Studio to bring by CHLOE. to life. Together, we looked through dozens on options from fonts to colors to icons and more. We like to have fun With the identity of by CHLOE. and it is definitely still evolving even a year after opening. What made you want to expand by CHLOE. into Sweets by CHLOE.? The by CHLOE. brand was built with the idea of brand expansion like this, the space above the words by CHLOE. in our logo was intentional! As we saw the by CHLOE. brand expanding and growing, I also saw the neighborhood really lacked anywhere you could get a birthday cake, or cinnamon bun in the morning with a cup of coffee or matcha. Plus, our pastries are not only great for vegans, but for people suffering from dairy sensitives or observing a kosher lifestyle as well, which is tough when it comes to baking due to the milk and butter. Growing the brand to open Sweets by CHLOE. was an exciting adventure and challenge. What’s your favorite sweet at the new bakery? The Matcha Chocolate Babka is out of this world. I force it on everyone that comes in to the bakery. I also really love our Lemon Bars and Pecan Pie. What’s one ingredient you could never live without? Matcha! I’ve really come to love it. My friends at PANATEA that provide all the matcha for by CHLOE. recently came out with instant individual packets – it’s about to make my matcha habit that much worse! What’s the key to a great recipe? I think, what I’ve learned from our amazing corporate chefs, Manuel and Richard, is that a great recipe no matter if it’s savory or sweet, all comes down to balance. When we are tasting new dishes for the menu that’s what we look for. When I’m cooking at home, it’s how easy the recipe is to follow! What’s your healthy living philosophy? Work hard but take the time to take care of yourself. We all run around so busy every day, taking the time for a manicure or a facial are important to take the time to refocus and breathe. _dsc3793Who or what inspires you? My dad. He has been the greatest example both as a father and a business mentor. What are three things you’d never leave the house without? Sunglasses, Glossier bom dot com, my iPhone by CHLOE. locations are opening up all over the country and everyone is raving over Sweets by CHLOE. right now. What’s next on the agenda? We have an exciting but busy rest of the year here at E2! We’ll be opening our Soho location of by CHLOE. and two locations in Boston before the end of the year. I’m also busy at work on two exciting new brands I'll be launching next year, including a new fast-casual Italian concept, The Sosta, that will be opening at 186 Mott St in early 2017. I can’t WAIT to show everyone the branding and menu that we are hard at work on right now so stay tuned for that! _dsc3877 Thanks Sam! And stay tuned #HBFITgirls, for a special HBFIT x Sweets by CHLOE. project for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
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