Why You Need to Clean Your Makeup Brushes Right Now

Why You Need to Clean Your Makeup Brushes Right Now

You should clean your makeup brushes every two weeks

Sorry to break it to you...

But you’ve got some gunk on your face. It’s OK — so do most of us. Almost every day, we spread dirt, oil, old makeup, and dead skin around on our faces, set it up, and then walk out the door. Sometimes we try to hide the gunk with more gunk, and then catch ourselves wondering what’s going on. This is what happens when we don’t clean our makeup brushes. We’re all guilty of it. Cleaning brushes can be a hassle. And when there’s only so many minutes in the day to spend blending, it’s hard to justify taking time out to clean your supplies. That’s why dirty laundry piles up. But if you have a big stain on your shirt, you wouldn’t take that shirt out of the laundry and put it on again. So why do it with your brushes?

But is it really that bad?

On the most basic level, using dirty brushes means re-applying old makeup. You’re basically blending your foundation with a brush loaded up with liquid contour, powder blush, and shimmery illuminator — which means it’s probably not going to look so fresh. But more importantly, it’s about skincare! Your makeup brushes touch your face almost every day, and they collect pigment, bacteria, oil, and dead skin with every swipe. When you clean your face every day, you wash all that away. But when you blend and buff and bronze with dirty brushes, you’re putting that gunk right back on your face.

So how do you clean them?

Ideally, we should be cleaning our makeup brushes every two weeks. As well, it's best to use brushes designed for easy cleaning and durability in order to accommodate a healthier cleaning schedule. Brushes that go around the eyes, however, should be cleaned daily — it’s a sensitive area, so treat it kindly. Begin by running the brush hairs under warm water. Squirt a hint of mild soap onto your fingers and gently squeeze the bristles from base to tip under the water. You should start seeing the pigment that’s caught in the bristles running out in the water. That means it’s working! Continue until the water runs clear. Brushes should be gently dabbed dry, then left to dry on their side. They should be dried completely before you use them again. But once you do use them again, it’ll be a gloriously gunk-free experience. You’re beautiful, so why not put your best face forward! Check out these cleansers and easy-to-clean cosmetics sets for a head start on clearer skin and cleaner brushes.