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HBeats: Food Trends

Few things beat trying out fall’s fashion trends. Then of course, you realize that just as in the world of fashion, the world of food has seasonal trends as well – and trying out those trends involves eating. Therefore, it’s pretty safe to say I’m a proponent of dutifully investigating the biggest trends in food this fall, one ingredient – and bite – at a time. Here are a few of the ingredients making a big splash in the food scene that have my mouth watering and my grocery list growing!

Kingdom: Plantae
Calling Card: distinct aroma
Trend-Worth: Fennel is an incredibly versatile ingredient because just about every part of the plant can be used. Chefs are using everything from fennel pollen and fronds to stalks to add interest and flavor to their plates this season.

Coconut Oil
Kingdom: Plantae
Calling Card: lauric acid abundant
Trend-Worth: Just call it the new coconut water. Coconut oil is any adventurous chef’s new best friend – drizzle it on your salad or grilled fish in place of olive oil and if you’ve got a sweet tooth add some nuttiness to your favorite dessert with a spoonful.

Kingdom: Plantae
Calling Card: rich, flavorful, spicy
Trend-Worth: The za’atar herb is having a moment thanks to the genius hybrid spice blend that is za’atar spice, a careful composition of dried za’atar herb, sumac, sesame seeds and salt. Seriously, this spice blend was made for all – rub it on your chicken breasts or even incorporate it into your soups!

Egg Yolks
Kingdom: Animalia
Calling Card: protein packed
Trend-Worth: Egg yolks are making a comeback after years of the egg white – hooray! Enjoy the gooey, delicious yellow yoke you’ve been missing by poaching or soft boiling them and incorporating them into or atop salads, flatbreads, rice bowls, and even that avocado toast – the options are endless.

Arctic Char
Kingdom: Animalia
Calling Card: low in contaminants, high in protein, farmed varieties are raised sustainably
Trend-Worth: This fish is the perfect combo of two perennial favorites – salmon and trout. It’s pink in color, flakey in consistency, full of healthy omega-3 fatty acids and works well with a multitude of ingredients!

Kingdom: Plantae
Calling Card: fiber, folate, satisfies like a potato without the carbs
Trend-Worth: Kale, Brussel sprouts, and broccoli – they’ve all gotten considerably coverage in the culinary world, so it’s not totally shocking that cauliflower, would have its turn. Roasted is the way to rock this trend – and we mean the entire head.

Photographs Courtesy: Feasting at Home and Jason Lowe

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