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#WCW: Nice Girls Finish First

Living well isn’t just about what you put into your body and how you make it sweat – it’s about what kind of energy you surround it with. This is where having that special group of girlfriends comes into play.

When we’re young friendships are easy to form – something as small as sharing the same favorite American Girl doll can be enough – but as you get older, life gets real. We start to lose boyfriends, loved ones, jobs and even our sense of self. That’s when you find out who your true friends are. It’s your core girls that help pick you up when you’re down or put you back on the right track when you’ve fallen off course. Your core girls are the ones you want around even if you have nothing to say to each other.

As we start coming into our own and gaining success, best girlfriends – real girlfriends – experience a proud mama type of pride for each other when they get promotions, fall in love, get wifed up or lose weight. It’s a love and loyalty that transcends any kind of jealousy.

Part of growing up is also about knowing when it’s time to let certain people go. Loving the same doll when you’re a kid is cute – but if that friend doesn’t love YOU, they’ve got to go. It sometimes takes a crazy unpleasant interaction to realize just who these toxic people are, but trust your gut – it won’t steer you wrong.

So here’s to the core girlfriends – yours and mine. In a time of female empowerment, let’s come together to celebrate being the right kind of girlfriend – the right of kind of woman – the kind that celebrates one another and bands together. After all, nice girls finish first in my book!

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Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece