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F*** The Thigh Gap

For the past month or so I’ve been watching waifish models strut down numerous runways for multiple celebrations of fashion week. Models – tall, impossibly thin and striking – it’s nearly impossible not to begin being critical of yourself after seeing a parade of size 0. But that’s the problem with today’s standards of beauty. We’re all built differently and instead of embracing an impossible and exclusive standard we should instead be proud of strong, lean and healthy bodies. That’s why today, I’m saying f*** the thigh gap.

This isn’t to say women who are thin are the enemy – it’s saying that no body type is worth sacrificing healthy habits for. Embrace whatever figure you have – skinny, thick, curvy, athletic or boyish. They are all beautiful. Forget the pressures to have legs that don’t touch. Forget the idea that you’re only sexy if you have an ass and breasts – or that you aren’t if you happen to have a curvy frame. At this point, who can keep up with the different pressures and ideal body types we are told to emulate? I certainly can’t and that’s why I started ignoring the noise and began listening to my body.

What I discovered is this: My body is never going to look like a waifish model’s and that’s more than okay with me. I’m a fit-girl who feels powerful and confident in my own skin because it’s healthy inside and out. I know it can be hard to imagine feeling good in your own skin – but, I know from my own experience that eating right and pushing yourself physically are the keys to feeling like your best self each day.

So today, turn off the noise and listen to yourself. Embrace your body for all that it is – no matter what shape and size and join the #HBFit movement that believes being healthy and strong – mentally and physically – is the one standard of beauty every woman should embrace.

Photograph: Courtesy Lisa Marie Fernandez/ Style.com

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Mykonos, Greece