HBFIT: Sober October

HBFIT: Sober October

No Drinks till November

Birthdays, like many milestones, get you thinking about your life – how you’re living it and what you’ve accomplished. As my birthday loomed, I started looking back at the past year of my life and realized that I felt pretty content with the choices I’d made. I worked really hard personally and professionally to achieve my goals and I felt ready to celebrate them. But, as is often the case with me, I found a new goal and challenge to accept. Alas, I decided to give up alcohol for the month of October.

I don’t drink much as it is, so this wasn’t that huge of a leap; however, I love my tequila on the rocks and a fun night out on the town with my girlfriends as much as the next girl. I figured giving up alcohol would be a great challenge and a way for me to enter my next year with a clear head and perhaps a new perspective! And what do you know? I did it!

Giving up my beloved tequila, for nights out, wasn’t the easiest thing to do – especially when my girlfriends were urging me to imbibe with them, but it was definitely a clarifying experience. I found that I was more clear-headed, patient, motivated to hit the gym hard and to eat right. I even noticed that my skin was better and I lost a little weight. I felt so good that I’m going to try to cut out alcohol from my diet during the week – unless of course I’m presented with my faaavorite bottle of wine – no one’s perfect after all! But seriously, this little experiment of mine reaffirmed that I have the power to accomplish difficult tasks and break habits to improve my overall well-being. For me, that was the best lesson to start another year with!

Tell me – what kinds of challenges have you set for yourself lately? What have you learned?