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Amanda Thomas: Bride or Bust

What happens when two fashion designers get hitched? Some very fashionable workouts — that’s what! My amazingly talented friend and the designer behind Luv AJ, Amanda Thomas, is days away from getting hitched to her stylish beau, Pat, the man behind Private Party. I sat down and chatted with her about her pre-wedding workout routine and how she avoided falling into the pitfalls of crash dieting or going to extremes like so many brides are known to do! Amanda’s mentality was totally that of a HBfit-girl — be sensible, be healthy and be active. Here’s how this stylish girl got wedding ready, inside and out. Amanda’s Pre-Wedding Mentality: I knew I wanted to feel amazing and while I’ve always been into working out and eating right, I knew I wanted to really kick it up a notch and change up my eating habits to effectively lose a few. I didn’t have a ton to lose, I knew that, but I definitely wanted to get toned and feel amazing. Amanda’s Diet: I regularly use a meal delivery service called Sunfare. It’s just so easy and saves a ton time! It’s fresh and healthy and for someone like me that’s busy working all of the time, it keeps me on track. As I got closer to the big day I switched to Paleo Delivers. I’m basically a food delivery expert! I was pleasantly surprised by the Paleo diet — I was little nervous beforehand about it, but I was never hungry and it gave me the final push to lose those stubborn inches. Amanda’s Workout: The main thing I did was to work out consistently — I made it a point to work out four to five days a week, for at least 45 minutes. Each workout incorporated a mix of cardio and aerobics with low weights and high reps, which encourages lean muscles. Depending on the day and my mood, some workouts would be longer, up to two hours, but I really tried to stick to the 45 minute minimum. I’d also mix it up with some classes to keep from getting bored. Amanda’s Workout — Sticking with It: I did take a weekend away when I felt I was hitting a bit of a slump. I went to Cal-a-Vie, a health spa in San Diego for three days. That’s when I realized how much my hard work was paying off. They do a metabolic test there where they measure your metabolism and I was just so amazed. From working out consistently and building muscle, I now burn 1800 calories a day, at rest. The average for a girl my age is 1300. Amanda’s Post Wedding Prep Mentality: I’ve learned so much about my body and what consistency can do. It’s so amazing to realize that you can change your body at any age with hard work — I’m in my late twenties! Here, here! Now, it’s time to say I Do — and eat some of that wedding cake! Photographs: Claire Thomas
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