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Fit Is The New Skinny

How important is it to you that your body is lean and strong? If it's not a priority for you, you probably won’t enjoy this very much. It is my goal to be a strong woman – mentally and physically. Growing up there was so much pressure to be thin. The media, school, ballet – everything reinforced a standard of beauty that didn’t accommodate a fit, well-rounded lifestyle. I not only want to be a strong woman inside and out, but I want to encourage likeminded women to change the way the world views body types. A shift is already starting through ad campaigns about self-love, but the shift really starts with you and me.

Being fit and healthy is a lifestyle. For years we have been approaching food and wellness in an uninformed way – I want to show you how easy it is to live healthily. It’s not about having 5 iced skim lattes to avoid eating – it’s about being mindful of what you are putting in your body and when! As you start eating clean, bad cravings start to fade. As you incorporate exercise into your life, you will find newfound energy!

Working out, sweating and getting your heart pumping releases endorphins in your brain, which chemically changes the way you feel. Don’t be scared to figure out what is best for you! I tend to get bored fast, so I change up my workouts constantly to stay interested and challenged. Trying everything from resistance training in the park, to trampolines, and even an occasional barre class, ensures that I stay on track.

If working out seems daunting or you don’t have access to specialized classes, make a workout plan with a friend. You’ll have someone holding you accountable on those days you simply just want to skip the sweat! I hope this served as a little bit of inspo because I’m excited to embrace a fit-girl nation with you. We're only getting started!

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Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece