My #WCW this week is my fellow fit girl, Karlie Kloss. This supermodel, who struts in every major show from Oscar de la Renta to Balmain, always makes time for healthy living. As evident on her instagram, she routinely kicks butt in the gym, packs protein into her diet and snacks smart (with Karlie’s Kookies of course!), defying the heroin chic lifestyle that was once popular in her industry. I love that Karlie takes an #HBFit approach to life but my favorite thing about her is how genuine she is. With her killer smile, Karlie is truly kind and gracious to everyone that she meets-really exemplifying that nice girls finish first! She shares her go to workout, what she loves about #LFW and her trick to everlasting energy exclusively with HBFit:

1. What do you consider to be your best quality?

I think my best quality is my dedication. My dad is an emergency room doctor and always exemplified the importance of hard work and setting goals. I'd like to think that some of that determination has rubbed off on me! 2. What is your favorite type of exercise? I love switching it up. I work with my trainer Justin Gelband for strength training but also love changing up my routine with a fun cardio class at SoulCycle or SLT. 3. If you had to eat only one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? I could eat a Karlie's Kookie everyday for the rest of my life but that's definitely in the snack category! If I could only eat one meal for the rest of my life, it would be a either Cod or Salmon with a side of vegetables and grains -- a good balance of protein and veggies! 4. Do you have a morning routine? I like to start my morning by heading straight to the gym or to a fitness class. It helps me feel strong and energized to start the day this way. 5. What adjective best describes your relationship with exercise? Challenged. I love doing workouts that push me to try harder and reach new goals. It's amazing to see what the body can do when you really challenge yourself! 6. How is NYFW different from LFW? New York Fashion Week really kicks off the marathon of Fashion Show season. There's so much energy here in New York when February and September roll around. The entire fashion community reunites during the week and it really does feel like a big family reunion. I love London Fashion Week as well -- the energy in London is also vibrant and fun. 7. How to you prep mentally for back-to-back FWs? How to you prep physically? My workouts really help me de-stress during Fashion Week. The most challenging part of Fashion Week is making sure you're getting enough sleep and resting. I try not to overbook my schedule, but it's definitely tricky! 8. What's your go-to breakfast during FW? During FW, I always make sure to treat myself to a delicious and nutritious breakfast. I like to have scrambled egg whites with avocado with a side of vanilla greek yogurt and granola. It's important for me to eat plenty of protein in the morning so that I feel energized throughout the day. 9. Is there a trick to staying energized throughout the week? Try to get lots of sleep! Fashion Week is full of fittings, rehearsals, shows, events and parties and it can be exhausting. If I don't get enough sleep, it definitely catches up on me. 10. Do you have any FW food or beauty rituals? FW food essentials: Juice Press (they have delicious meals and juices for on the go) Karlie's Kookies (makes the perfect backstage snack), Purely Elizabeth individual granola packets and Harmless Havest Coconut Water. Beauty Rituals: I like to do a hydrating facial mask and treat my hair to a deep conditioning masque every few days. Between all the make-up and hairspray, I make sure to give my body some tlc in between shows!

Quick Fire:

Sweet or savory? Sweet East Coast or West Coast? East Coast, though with winter dragging on, I could use some warm California sunshine! Lip or eyes? Eyes Sparkling or still water? Sparkling Smoothie or juice? Smoothie Yoga or Pilates? Pilates

Coffee or tea? Coffee