Move It Monday: #BootyDay

Move It Monday: #BootyDay

Monday's can be tough, the weekend is over and a long week of work or school lies ahead of you. Instead of hitting the snooze button for the third time, take control of your morning and how your approaching the week ahead. Put yourself and your fitness first with this #HBFIT approved workout. At S10 gym I like to focus on specific muscle groups, check out the video below for an exclusive look into today's #bootyday workout!

Booty Workout

5 Rounds 10 Reps:

Hex Bar Deadlife- 15lbs on each side, hex= 45lbs= 75lbs total

Stiff Leg Dead Lift- bar= 45lbs and I add 15lbs x2

3 Rounds 30 seconds each:

Assisted band sprints

Prowler sprints- 50lbs on top of the prowler= 90lbs

Resistant band battle ropes

*If you are not used to lifting weights, start small and use lighter weights!