Here at HBFit HQ, one of our main topics of conversation is what workout we’re into at the moment. Everybody has their favorite--but the one thing we can all agree on is that alternating our routine is key. Not only does switching up our sweat sessions provide the best results, but the diversity keep things interesting so we don’t think about quitting half way through! Here’s a list that incorporates everyone’s favorites into a weekday’s worth of workouts:

Monday: The start of the week is the best for weight lifting: our bodies have just rested for the weekend so we’re ready for a challenge. No matter if you’re focusing on legs with deadlifting, or arms with pull-ups, you’re sure to feel lean and toned. We’re always sure to include at least 15 minutes of conditioning post lift for the ultimate fat burn!

Tuesday: We rely on boxing for a kick-ass cardio workout that also strengthens our muscles. The combination of jump roping, footwork drills and punching sets keeps our heart rate up while helping us fine-tune our coordination. Since all movements are supposed to come from your core, you’re sure to feel the burn in your abs!

Wednesday: Pilates is one of our favorite workouts for targeting muscles that don’t always get attention. The micro-movements on the mat or reformer have everything from our biceps to inner thighs shaking from effort! Although we may be cursing our instructors while doing it, we always leave class feeling taller and leaner due to the focus on spinal elongation.

Thursday: Sometimes we lose momentum mid-week, so we try to save our most fun workout for Thursday. We absolutely love hip-hop dance classes, which hardly feel like a workout because we’re distracted by the great music from beginning to end! While we’re dancing, we don’t even realize the benefits, which include increased aerobic fitness and endurance and stronger bones! (Plus it’s a great to bring your girlfriends as a healthy alternative to post-work drinks.)

Friday: By Friday, we’re beat. We want a workout that’s going to make us feel good, without the intensity of say, weight lifting. Yoga is our solution. With a hot yoga or vinyasa flow class, we get our sweat on without putting our bodies in a high stress situation. We also love that we’re simultaneously treating our minds to a meditative break in the day.

What are your favorite workouts? Where do you go to do them? Tell us in the comments!