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March certainly came in like a lion: just when we were ready to retire the flannels and puffer jackets, a surprise snowstorm hit! With the cold front seemingly endless, it’s easy to neglect the gym, eat copious amounts and shut yourself in your bed with Netflix. This period of gloom, aka Cold Weather Blues (CWB), really doesn't make the nasty temperatures more manageable. Here are some of our favorite ways to beat even the worst case of CWB:

Break a sweat. It’s a given that exercise improves mood by boosting our brain’s serotonin levels, but it’s just so easy to snuggle up on the couch when it’s dark and cold outside. Fight that urge! If you’re usually an outdoor exerciser, look into a short-term gym membership to keep up your momentum or load up on cold-weather compression gear to beat the elements.

A good night’s sleep. It may seem counterproductive to spend MORE time in bed during the cold-weather months, but being well rested means more energy for staying active and motivated. Maintaining a sleep schedule is super important and don't forget the less you rely on your bed as a hang out spot, the better sleep you’ll get in it. Girl’s night in. During the time of year when it’s easiest to become over-worked and over-tired, we always make it a point to hang with our girls. One of the biggest combatants of the winter blues is serotonin, and fun nights in with friends can produce enough of it to fend off even the strongest case of the sads. Eat breakfast. Kicking off those cold days with a hearty breakfast will boost your mood and keep you energized longer, setting the stage for a successful and productive day. Start your day with hearty avocado toast with eggs or a nutrient-dense green smoothie and if you're feeling a cold coming on don't forget to sip on our go-to cold weather tonic!

Get some sun. Vitamin D is essential during the colder months because it’s in short supply naturally when the days are shorter. So make it a point to spend some time in the sun whenever possible. Even a quick weekend getaway to a sun-soaked spot can be incredibly helpful for recharging and feeling renewed.

Photographs: Popsugar(left) and Hannah Bronfman (right)
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Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece