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Here at HBFit, we love to mix up our workout by taking classes. One of our go-tos (and celeb favorite of Reese Witherspoon and Emmy Rossum) is Body By Simone. The studio (which is now bi-coastal!) was founded by Australian trainer extraordinaire, Simone de la Rue. Simone’s approach to fitness was formulated on the tenants of dance, with a mix of pilates and yoga. Her cardio fueled workouts aren’t just fun-they provide serious results, without the risk of injury. With that said, we needed to know more. So we called up Simone to get the inside scoop on all things Body by Simone, she also provided us with an exclusive at-home work out-- check out below the q&a!

  1. How did you get into the world of fitness in the first place? By accident, I was working on Broadway in a show called "Promises Promises” and I started training with an actress who needed to look like a dancer for a film. She saw such a dramatic change in her body that other actors in the film started to take notice and asked who she was working with. I built up my clients this way and the rest is history.
  2. What was the biggest challenge of opening your own place? One is all the little things you forget to budget for! (The second time around I was much more prepared!) Another hard thing about owning a business is managing the needs of your staff. Everyone needs to feel validated and it is important to keep a healthy positive environment.
  3. Congratulations on your expansion to LA! How has business been over there? Thank you! It’s doing very well. The West Hollywood studio is very busy and we have now started a Brentwood pop-up 5 days a week!
  4. What is the biggest difference between the fitness world in NY and LA? NY is driven by Type-A personalities who want to get in and get out and want to lose their minds from the madness during their workout. LA clients are far more relaxed and happy to workout whenever they can. They are very much of the mindset if they miss a day, there is always tomorrow.
  5. In your mind, what is the relationship between nutrition and fitness? Its 80% diet, 20% exercise. There is no point working out an hour a day and then eating a pizza. Everything is about balance.
  6. What about wellness and beauty? They definitely go hand in hand. There is so much focus now on health, wellness and beauty. A woman needs to feel beautiful and strong, inside and out.
  7. What are you favorite activewear brands? Carbon 38 takes care of me-I am obsessed with Michi, Koral active, Alala and Vie Active.
  8. Favorite snacks on the go? Kind bars, almonds, boiled eggs, hummus and carrots.
  9. Best post-workout fuel? Protein, protein, protein.
  10. What does Health Beauty Fit mean to you? It means being the best version of yourself; healthy mind, body and soul.

Quick Fire:

Sweet or savory? Always sweet!

East Coast or West Coast? I am now bi-costal so I am going to have to say both. Can’t compare!

Lip or eyes? Eyes, they’re windows to the soul!

Sparkling or still water? Still, sparkling makes me bloated.

Smoothie or juice? Juice, green all the way.

Yoga or Pilates? Yoga, it's my meditation.

Coffee or tea? Coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon.

Body by Simone x #HBFit at- home workout for overall tone:

1. Outer Thigh Shaper (Muscles worked: Outer thighs & Glutes):

Lay stacked on your hips, navel to spine. Legs straight out to the side. Raise your leg 2 inches keeping it parallel and lower down to starting position. Do 40 reps on each side.

2. The Pony Kick (Muscles worked: Hamstrings & Glutes):

On all fours place a pilates ball in the crook of you knee and bring your heel towards your glutes. Lower your knee towards the ground, then squeeze the ball contracting your hamstring and glute and raise your leg up parallel. Repeat 40 reps on each side.

3. The Tricep Shredder (Muscles worked: Triceps):

Using a 3 pound weight bend your arm at your elbow,then extend it directly behind you squeezing at the top of your range. Build up to 3o reps on each side. Place the pilates ball underneath your other hand to ensure you engage in your core.

4. The perky chest builder (Muscles worked: Pecs, Shoulders, Biceps & Core):

Place the pilates ball underneath one hand to create an unstable environment. Lower your body down towards the floor, push back up to the starting plank position. Build up to 20 reps on each side.

5. Jump for Joy Cardio fix (Muscles worked: Full Body):

Stand feet underneath hips, bend your knees over your ankles, jump up and reach for the sky, lower down bending your knees to soften your landing. Build up to 3 sets of 10 reps.

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