This springtime sunshine has got us wanting to enjoy Rosé and leisurely home cooked meals with friends on the patio. For our seasonal dinner party kick-off, we turned to chef extraordinaire and founder of SALT HOUSE, Sarah Ashley Schiear. Sarah made a name for herself by appearing on ABC’s The Taste and cooking for the likes of Mary Kate Olsen and MANGO. Clearly, she knows a thing or two about putting together a chic spread. Her rad recs for making your dream dinner party a reality are below:

Keep it clean. This goes for both the food and the decor. No one wants to eat heavy food in the spring. And because spring vegetables are so bright and pretty, let the food be the focus of the table rather than going nuts on decor. Tulips or peonies are my go-to for spring florals and can both be simply arranged. Or, hollow out the centers of artichokes to make simple but powerful candle holders down the center of the table.

Serve herbs from your "garden." You don’t need an outdoor space to grow an herb garden; any spot that gets some sun (about 4 hours) near a window will do the trick. Add a garnish of fresh herbs to whatever you’re serving without having to buy huge bunches that always seem to end up going bad.

Radishes on everything. Trim the stems and halve them for a simple crudite platter––try serving with European butter and a little dish of sea salt. Or, get yourself a mandoline (this one is my favorite) and shave them super-thin to garnish pretty much any dish and make it pop.

Check The Maxi for a chic apron. It feels so flowy and perfect for the warmer weather, but it still offers protection from the cooking elements and cooler temperatures at night.

Edible flowers, always. If you’re in NYC, hit the Union Square Greenmarket, or order them online across the country at my secret source, Gourmet Sweet Botanicals. I use them year-round but they’re especially great for spring parties.

Birkenstocks are the new Crocs. Although open-toed shoes aren’t the most protective option, Birkenstocks are literally the only shoe I can wear when I’m cooking for long periods of time.

Use vintage Rosé glassware. I’ve been collecting this vintage pink depression glass for the past year or so, and we’ve just added it to the site––perfect timing for rosé season! The color just looks so perfect for it, and I love the way it looks on a tabletop with a mix of white plates, wooden boards, and green plants.

When in doubt, throw a crostini party. Everybody loves deliciously topped toast. All of our favorite fixings are perfect for spring and just what you need to pair with that glass of rosé. Here are some of my favorite spring-forward ideas: smoked salmon and creme fraiche (add caviar if you’re into it!), spring pea & avocado hummus or simple sliced avocado with sea salt and lemon, fresh ricotta (I love Salvatore Bklyn) with a strawberry compote made by cooking down sliced strawberries with a bit of sugar and adding lemon juice, lots of black pepper, and balsamic vinegar.

Chic acrylics for outdoor use. No one wants to deal with broken glass. If you have an outdoor space near a pool or rooftop, invest in an acrylic tray, pitcher, wine glasses, and wooden plates.