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Saunas have been around since the dawn of the beauty industry, but only recently has the lesser-known Infrared Sauna (IFS) started making a splash in salons and wellness centers around the US. Both treatments are similar in concept, but the benefits of the more illustrious infrared sauna treatment are worth far more than the extra bucks it may cost you. Also, IFS treatment results in detoxification, weight loss, improved circulation, anti-aging, relaxation, cleaning of the skin, purification of the lymphatic system, and lowering of blood pressure--which makes it an HBFit must-try!

Unlike regular saunas, which use steam at very high-heats, infrared saunas heat you with lights at a lower temperature, which penetrate the body and raise your core temp. Traditional saunas will be slightly drier (around 10%) and run at around 150-180 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas infrared run between 120-140 degrees, allowing you to stay in the treatment for a longer period of time. Since Infrared Saunas heat you from the inside out, they’re extremely effective at drawing out toxins stored deep within the cells. Tracy Piper of the Piper Center for Internal Wellness notes that because of this process “skin brushing or lymphatic massage is ideal beforehand as the sweat released contains tremendous amount of toxic substances that we don’t want being reabsorbed. Taking a shower after and IFS is imperative to avoid reabsorption of toxins.”

Both sauna types allow for users to sweat it out, but we find Infrared treatments to be more effective on all fronts and a more relaxing and private experience. A treatment can range in price depending on your location and spa of preference.

If you’re in New York City, we highly recommend giving the Piper Center a try. The treatment is $60 per session, and we've felt a difference even after one session!

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