From Teen Vogue cover shoots to the Pretty Hurts music video, celebrity hairstylist Laura Polko knows a thing or two about smart-styling--no matter the weather. That’s right--summer humidity and workout sweat are no match for Laura’s fool-proof styles. Take a page from Laura’s book with the below looks, which are easy to DIY and add polish to any outfit. (Hint: One look in particular was recently noted on Mane Addicts as a Notable Celebrity Moment!)

Top knot:

Dry ends actually hold your top knot better--because there’s more grip to hold the hair in place. After you workout you can pull the pieces around your face to loosen the look and embrace your sweat style!

Side Braid:

The best way to personalize this look is by utilizing the layering or the bleach broken pieces around your face. You can even achieve a piecey and beachy vibe by working out with a tight braid--after you sweat the braid will have naturally loosened, which you can further exaggerate by pulling pieces out yourself.


For summer, a wide-brim hat is a perfect way to protect your face from the sun and mask greasy roots!

Crown Braid:

The crown braid is both fashionable and functional--it automatically elevates anything that you’re wearing, while keeping your hair out of your face. There are so many options with this style—you can braid around your entire head or just around your face.

Slick Pony:

The slick pony is the ultimate workout style. You can wear it with a part or not—and the best part? As you sweat, you can comb your hair back to get the effect of hairspray!


Fishtails always look harder to do than a regular braid, so when you’re rocking one people are always more impressed! This a great style to wear from the gym to drinks.

Beach waves + Hanging braids:

This style always exudes an easy elegance that permanently makes the wearer look effortless but cool. Although this look is traditionally boho, it can be applied to any style.

All Images Via Laura Polko Instagram, @polkohontas.