spring beauty trends

Trends aren't just something that affect your wardrobe. On the contrary, fab fashion fads are everywhere, and they include makeup and beauty styles that change with the season. While we can all be thankful that blue eyeshadow and skinny brows aren't making a beauty comeback (yet), here are five beauty trends to pay attention to if you want to be on fleek this summer.

1. Nail Art

nail art trend

Paint the town (and your nails) red, ladies! Nail art has officially made a comeback. A fresh manicure has always been in style, but nail beauty hasn't been celebrated for a good while. This is why we're so excited to welcome '90s nail art back into the world of fashionable beauty trends, though new designs carry an undeniable hint of modern life. Try a bright, striped design or go for a marble look for something a little more muted.

2. Braids

hair braid trend

It's not that braids necessarily ever disappeared from the fashion landscape, but we can't deny that we're seeing a heck of a lot more of them lately. And thank goodness! Not only are braids an easy way to get your hair off your face and neck on hot, sunny days, but they instantly glam up your look. Try a waterfall braid around your face or go for a pulled-back '90s vibe with two long french braids.

3. Contour

contour trend spring

Adding definition to the structure of your face through a technique called "contouring" isn't just for high-fashion photo shoots and runways, girls. Contouring is making a real-life debut as of late, giving ladies around the world the opportunity to completely transform their looks for all kinds of occasions. While contouring can be tricky to master, there are plenty of how-tos available online. Our basic advice? Highlight the tops of your cheekbones, define your jawline with a contour stick and get yourself a really good blending sponge!

4. Face Gloss

face gloss trend

This trend might make you a bit skeptical at first, especially if you have oily skin, but it's a must-try that will have you coming back for more. The ultimate in glowing skin and next-level dewiness you never thought possible, this trend involves women adding a touch of glossy shine to the bridges of their noses, temples, eyelids and cheekbones. Give it a whirl and let your inner glow shine!

5. Full, Brushed Brows

full brow trend

Finally, it's time to work what your mama gave you! Gone are the days of painful waxing, tweezing and threading to obtain stick-thin, over-arched eyebrows. Now we can work our luscious brows to their fullest. An eyebrow comb and some sculpting gels work well to create a fuller look with an avant-garde vibe. From the runway to the bar, beautiful brows are everywhere!

Changing your beauty look can be a challenging learning curve in the beginning, but we're certain you'll be on trend for summer 2016. Hair? Check. Brows? Check. Feeling fabulous? Check!

Photos: Kaponia Aliaksei / Shutterstock.com, Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest