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workouthpIf jamming out to Justin Bieber on the elliptical at your local gym is starting to feel a little old (no matter how many times you’ve replayed “Love Yourself”), we’ve got a quick fix for you. Whether you’re a long-time workout fanatic or you’re a newby who stuck to their new year’s resolution, it’s important to keep your routine as exciting as possible. Check out these five HBFIT-approved accessories that’ll keep you toned while you stay motivated. Adjustable Jump Rope: jumprope Besides making you feel nostalgic for 7th grade gym class, jump ropes are actually super versatile. For a great cardio workout, we suggest jumping for ten sets of one minute intervals using different techniques like high knees, single-foot jumps, side to side, front and back, legs together and apart, alternating landing on your heels and your toes, tuck jumps and jumping as high as you can. Stretch Out Strap: stretch Resistance Bands are one of the greatest fitness investments because they can be used for both stretching and for strengthening. If you fold the band in half and step on the middle of it, you can do bicep curls, squats, calf raises, side shuffles or stand hip width apart and do an upright rowing motion. Tone those arms by holding each end of the band and doing front fly, back fly, and chest presses. Weighted Hula Hoop: hula To use a hula hoop effectively, we suggest this weighted one because the extra lbs make it easier to keep up. For a core and ab workout, try it with your right foot in front of your left for a few minutes and then switch legs. Once you’ve got the hang it, find an open space and do the walking hula hoop. Put it around your elbow for some arm toning, or try the halo move, where you pass the hula hoop from your right hand to your left in front of your body and then from your left back to your right behind your body, repeat in a fast motion. Sliding Disks: goldgyn These are awesome for core and legwork. Fold over your legs, set them under your hands, and slide your upper body out into a plank — like a flowing burpee. You can also place them under your feet, plank, and pike your legs up to your hands or run in place. While standing, place on disk under one foot for forward and side lunges. Balance Board Trainer: flat After using your core and abs to properly balance standing up (be careful!), use the board to challenge yourself by attempting squats and a single-leg balance. You can also make ordinary exercises harder like doing pushups or planks with your hands or feet on the board, or lifting weights while standing on it. Text by: Taylor Friedman
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Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece