The most wonderful time of the year is upon us, but it brings with it many temptations when it comes to sweet treats and rich holiday meals. With knitted layers keeping us warm and the cold weather keeping us indoors, it can be tricky to stay active during hibernation time. But don't fret: we've got five simple tips to slim down for the holidays.

Try a Hot Yoga Class

Ease your muscle tension and warm your frozen fingers and toes with a satisfying hot yoga class. Not only does hot yoga get you stretching and burning more calories, but it's also a fabulous way to slim down for the holidays—without forcing you to face the harsh weather. You might just find that your yoga class also reduces holiday anxiety, stress and fatigue.

Take Up a Winter Sport

From skiing and snowshoeing to ice skating and hockey, there are tons of winter sports to choose from that are sure to keep you active during this (typically) inactive time of the year. Not only are these bound to make your winter more enjoyable and memorable, they'll also be instrumental in helping you slim down for the holidays. Bonus? You'll actually enjoy the snow instead of dreading it.

Begin Your Day with an Indoor Workout

Start your day with an indoor workout in the comfort of your own home! This will get your metabolism going and fuel your energy for a day of productivity. Plus, you won't have to trek through the snow or the cold to reach the gym. Aim to do two or three sets of 8 to 12 reps each, starting with sit-ups, moving to pushups, then squats and finishing with burpees. Want to up the ante? Build your workout equipment selection and try out some new moves.

Start a Whole Food Diet

To combat all the tasty treats that might tempt you this winter, why not try a whole food diet to help trim down some extra tummy fat? That way, you won't have to feel any extra guilt when you grab a second serving—of dinner or pie! Take a few weeks away from processed foods and limit your diet to fruit, vegetables, eggs and lean meats.

Get Spinning

If yoga isn't really your thing and you're having a difficult time motivating yourself to workout in the comfort of your own home, consider hitting a spin class. Studies show that spinning burns hundreds of calories and helps to keep your bones strong. Buddy up with a spin class partner for an extra dose of accountability and motivation.

Never Go to a Party Hungry

We know you're booked solid with holiday parties and that means lots and lots of tempting treats. Our favourite tip is to load up on a healthy meal or smart snacks beforehand. By not going to a festive event feeling famished, you'll avoid noshing on treats that you might feel guilty about later.

With a little extra self-talk and inner motivation, you'll be able to get through the holidays with your body fitter and trimmer than it's ever been—and your New Year's resolutions already in the works!

Photos: Naturegraphica Stock / Shutterstock, Unsplash, seagames50 images / Shutterstock, Unsplash