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Waiting for the bus, bundling up for a bike ride or carpooling with co-workers—no matter which of these sounds familiar, your morning commute to work can be a frustrating use of your time and energy. Don't let the hustle and bustle get the best of you. Whether you're riding a crowded bus or sitting in commuter traffic, make the most of this time so that you get to work feeling fresh. Here are six simple ways to relax on your morning commute.

Sip some chamomile tea

If road frustration gets the best of you when you're stuck in traffic, consider filling your to-go cup with some calming chamomile tea instead of your usual coffee. It will keep you warm during the winter AND calm during the traffic. You'll save money too, which is always a good feeling when you start your day.

Work on your to-do list

For those of us taking public transit, there's a ton you can get done while on-the-go. Whether you're planning a party, scheduling some meetings or simply working on your to-do list for the week, make your commuting time productive. Don't begin any arduous tasks until you get to the office, though—just work on the fun things.

Read a book on the bus

Reading is an excellent way to fill a gap of time with something that is both productive and relaxing. Take a book (or your Kindle) with you on your next AM transit commute and recognize how a little morning reading changes your entire day. If you want something a little lighter, work on a crossword puzzle or read an article from your favorite magazine.

Do something creative

A lot of us have creative passions that we don't make enough time for. If you're on the bus, write a poem on your iPhone, bring a sketch pad to do some drawing or edit your most recent photography on your tablet. Creative ventures almost always have a calming, soothing effect while keeping your mind alert for the day ahead.

Listen to a podcast

Take your mind off the congested road ahead by listening to an informative podcast. This distraction method will keep you calm and engaged, jump-starting your mind so that you're refreshed and ready for your work day. There are many hilarious and informative podcasts out there, so find one you like and your commute will be over before you know it.

Put on some calming music

Turn down the hip hop and EDM and instead put on some chill indie or jazz early in the morning. Be sure not to listen to your music too loudly, for both your sake and those of your fellow passengers. Studies have shown that moderate noise levels are ideal for creativity anyway, so start your day off on the right foot.

There you have it: it's not just about getting from point A to point B as quickly as possible—it's about enjoying the ride so that you can enjoy your entire day, too.

There's probably a ton you can get done while on-the-go that you didn't even realize. Whether planning a party, scheduling some meetings, or simply working on your to-do list for the week, make your commuting time productive.

Photos: Unsplash, Unsplash, Roman Seliutin / Shutterstock, Unsplash

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