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We know what it's like: you set a weight goal for yourself, start working hard towards it by eating well and exercising, yet when you step on the scale, your heart sinks. As daunting as we know it can be, it's important to remember that a drop in the number on the scale isn't the only indicator of progress. Here are six ways to stay positive when that number on the scale just isn't budging.

1. Remember That Muscle Weighs More Than Fat

It's true! After lifting all of those weights and doing so much cardio, you'll start to gain muscle. Muscle mass weighs a lot more than fat, so while you may initially expect a drop in weight when you lose fat, an increase in the number on the scale may actually be a positive (and normal!) thing.

2. Remind Yourself to be Patient

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Drastic change takes time, but the best way you can get there is by implementing positive daily habits, like exercising and eating right, for the long-term. Don't give up in a month because you haven't seen results. Instead, remain patient and determined and remind yourself that lasting, drastic change will take time.

3. Focus on the Way You're Feeling

Regardless of whether you're feeling down about the number on the scale, you might notice a significant improvement in your daily mood and energy levels since you've been working out and eating healthier. And that in itself is reward enough to keep on going. Stay happy, lady.

4. Get Pumped on Eating Healthy

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Even though your main goal for eating healthy is to shed some weight and reach a certain number on the scale, consider pumping yourself up on eating healthy by recognizing the health benefits that come from eating fresh, whole foods. From improving your mental health to helping your immune system stay strong, healthy habits on a regular basis will help you feel more energetic, young and strong. Not sure what foods to focus on? Check out our list of fat-zapping foods here.

5. Consider Improvements to Your Overall Health

Regular exercise and healthy eating is number one for improving your overall health, happiness and longevity, aiding in preventing countless life-threatening diseases. Whether for yourself, your family or your children, make sure you consider what an improvement you're bringing to your life through your better habits, regardless of what the scale says.

6. Consider Your Workouts Necessary "Me" Time

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From working 40 hours a week to running a household, staying on top of your social calendar and possibly having a family too, your "me" time wears thin. Since alone time is essential for your emotional well-being, start to think of your workouts as a healthy and necessary allotment of "me" time.

Don't let your happiness and feelings of achievement boil down to a silly three-digit number. Make sure you remember that you're much more than a number, as is your measurement of success and self-esteem.

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