yoga pose downward dog

Yoga isn't a "one pose fits all" practice; there are many different ways you can utilize the hundreds of yoga postures throughout your day and at different times of your life. While some are stimulating and others are relaxing, certain yoga poses focus on particular organs while others focus on the mind. Here are the best yoga poses to kickstart your day with a boost of energy and new sense of rejuvenation.

Forward Bend Pose

yoga pose forward bend

Walk your feet up to the top of your mat to meet your hands and let your upper body hang. Folded at the hips, allow your neck and head to relax, grabbing on to either elbow and swaying slightly from side to side. Bend your knees as much as needed and focus on your breath here for several moments.

Forward bend pose opens up the lower back, relieving aching and tension, and stretches the hips, hamstrings and calves. It also activates the abdominal muscles and improves digestion to start your morning right.

Cat-Cow Pose

yoga pose cat-cow

From a table-top position with your wrists directly beneath your shoulders, move with your breath for cat-cow pose. Inhale as your arch your back, lifting your chin to the ceiling, and exhale as you arch your back and tuck your chin to your chest. Do a few repetitions of cat-cow, allowing your muscles to activate and stretch while getting into a meditative state for the day. If it speaks to your body in the morning, move your hips slowly in a circular motion as you inhale and exhale.

Cat-cow strengthens the spine and stimulates organs in the belly like your liver and adrenal glands. You might just discover an increased sense of coordination etching its way into your day after practicing this pose in the morning.

Downward Dog

yoga pose downward dog

Perhaps the most common yoga pose, you won't need much direction here: simply take your palms slightly wider than shoulder width, tuck your toes and lift your hips into the air. Work to get your heels pressed to the floor, but don't push too hard.

Known as an energizing pose, downward dog is perfect to wake up with. Other benefits of downward dog include the elimination of back stiffness, boosted circulation and greater bone density.

Tree Pose

yoga pose tree

With one leg firmly planted, bring the sole of your other foot to meet the inside of your thigh or calf, but avoid putting pressure on your standing knee. Practicing your balance by closing your eyes, bringing your hands to your heart or grow your tree and spread your arms wide above your head.

Tree pose is ideal for starting your day, allowing you to achieve balance both physically and mentally. Said to build self-esteem and confidence, this pose is perfect when you have something major planned, like a presentation or a meeting.

Child's Pose

yoga pose child's

Kneeling back on your heels with you forehead to the floor or mat, and your arms stretched out in front of you, child's pose is a safe pose that's ideal for calming and resting.

This is a great pose to try first thing in the morning as it gives you an opportunity to focus your attention on your breathing and to stretch out your arms and shoulders, which often become tense during sleep. Child's pose alleviates anxiety, promotes regular circulation and releases tension in the back, shoulders, and chest.

These five poses are just the beginning of a morning yoga routine you'll easily finding yourself jumping out of bed to do each day. As you begin to feel the benefits, you'll find they give you a boost of energy, confidence and peace of mind at the beginning of your day. Namaste babes.

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