Straight from the land of porcelain, flawless and ever-youthful skin, this skincare "secret" is ready to revolutionize your beautifying routine. Called Korean rubber masking, the process involves applying a carefully concocted substance to your face that forms a miracle goop, yielding magical results in terms of hydration. These marks are turning back the hands of time for women all over the world, so don't be the one to miss out on this beauty trend!

What Are Korean Rubber Masks?

In a nutshell, Korean rubber masks are made from a mixture of powder and water that you then apply to your skin. Once applied, an ingredient called alginate causes the mixture to turn into a gelatinous mask that fits tightly over your face, filling every line and pore. After letting the mask set for 10 to 15 minutes, it's slowly peeled off, removing any dead skin or impurities.

When applying the mask, you're encouraged to be generous with the mixture at the edges of your face to make for easy removal. Another pro tip: it's suggested that you wait a few minutes after mixing the water and powder before applying it, as it might be too watery otherwise.

How Korean Rubber Masks Work

Remember learning about reverse osmosis in Grade 10 science class? Surely you can recall the cell diagram the illustrates the intake and outflow of fluid. Well, this facial product uses a non-reverse-osmosis method to deliver hydration into your skin, creating a one-way flow of nutrients. This intake of nutrients without the outflow, delivers highly-noticeable results, leaving skin more radiant, supple and hydrated.

Is Rubber Masking Only Good for Dry Skin?

While rubber masking is known for its super-hydrating effects, that doesn't mean it's only good for those suffering from dry skin. On the contrary, Korean rubber masking is beneficial for virtually every skin type. By pulling away the outer layer of dead skin, rubber masking also removes impurities in the skin and leaves you with a soft, brightening effect that's immediately noticeable—both to you and those in your company!

What to Look For in Korean Rubber Masks

While there are a number of these masks available on the market, it's important to remember that they aren't all created equal. As a general rule, lower-quality rubber masks are made with a simple powder that's mixed with water and few other ingredients. These masks have the tendency to inadvertently dry out the skin as the masks dries, pulling moisture out of the skin instead of delivering it. Rubber masks like the Shangpree Gold Premium Modeling Mask, however, create a one-way barrier that forces beneficial active ingredients into the skin and keeps them there. Common active ingredients include beeswax, ginger root extract, aloe leaf extract, grape seed oil and other Asian botanicals. Make sure to look for these when you're shopping around so you end up with the best experience possible (and the desired results!).

Well there you have it: beneficial for everyone and now no longer a well-kept secret, get your hands (and face) on a Korean rubber mask and see what all the chatter is about. Your skin will thank you for it!

Photos: staras / Shutterstock, Kittibowornphatnon / Shutterstock, Peach and Lily