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Now that we're well into 2016, it's likely that it's "Motivational Monday" every day. Yet you aren't seeing the results you so deserve from your workouts. So what's the deal?

Well as it turns out, there are plenty of things that could be countering all your hard work, from what you eat before your sweat sesh, to what you do afterwards. Consider these seven things that might be sabotaging your well-deserved results and remedy them fast so that you can enjoy "Toned-Bod Tuesdays" and "Feel Good Fridays" from here on out.

1. Too much stress

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If you're leading a stressful lifestyle, there's one thing that's for sure: you're going to have a harder time achieving that six-pack you've been lusting after. Many studies have demonstrated a connection between the stress hormone cortisol and weight-gain, particularly with abdominal fat in women. Just another reason to de-stress, darling.

2. Too much diversity

One of your problems may be that you're actually doing too many different types of exercises instead of focusing on the basics. Jumping around from machine to machine may be leading to little results. Instead of filling your workouts with every must-try fitness move under the sun, focus on a core of four or five exercises and do multiple reps of those.

3. Too much, too often

Man Jogging Stretching

Going to the gym everyday is a near-impossible ideal to reach, and yet now that you're there, this frequency could potentially be the cause of your lackluster progress. It's true, however, that you need to let your body rest and recover between workouts to achieve the best results and performance. Instead of lifting weights or doing cardio everyday, switch up your workouts with yoga or swift walks outside. Give that bod a break and consider stretching on off days.

4. Too little sleep

Sleep-deprivation is a huge killer when it comes to productivity as well as performance at the gym. Being the motivated person you are these days, you need to ensure you're getting a minimum of eight hours of sleep every night to allow your body to repair itself.

5. Too many or too few carbs

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If you're trying to lose weight, you may have made the common mistake of cutting out carbs completely in addition to exercising more. This is a mistake, but so is eating too many carbs. Skipping carbs before your workout can help you burn more fat, but we know it's equally important to eat healthy carbs from fruit, veggies and whole grains after your workout to recharge.

6. Too little H2O

If your pee is dark yellow, guess what girl? You're dehydrated! To get the most out of your workouts, ensure you're well-hydrated. Always take a bottle with you to the gym and aim to drink two liters of water a day. HBFit's health experts have made drinking more water a part of their New Year's resolutions this year. Maybe you should too!

7. Too little post-workout stretching

Woman stretch workout yoga

Lastly, you might be making the common mistake of skipping your post-workout stretch. Stretching after exercise is important to the decrease stress hormones in the body and start the repair process in your (now sore!) muscles. A good stretch after your workout will also help prevent muscle stiffness and get you back to the gym quicker.

With so many fine-tuned details that can make or break your workout, you might be starting to realize that reaching your goals has as much to do with using your brain as it does with using your body. Now that you know about these seven counter-productive culprits, you can get yourself on-track to syncing up your brain and bod motivation!

Photos: AlexVan, The Typical Female Magazine, Abigail Keenan, Unsplash, jregerman