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NYE By now you know team HBFIT is all about setting healthy goals--but when setting a challenge one should always have success in mind. That's why we want to share our 2016 resolutions with you! They might seem to be small resolutions but we wanted to find a clear way to achieve them. We hope to inspire you to make similarly small changes in your life to be more #HBFIT this year! Be sure to comment to let us know what you're thinking! Hannah Bronfman 1. Drink a glass of water before bed and as soon as I wake up. 2. Spend more time with my family. It's rare your family lives in the same city so I need to take advantage. 3. Stop putting so much heat on my hair and embrace my natural hair. 4. Take more dance classes, it's something I loved so much growing up and I need to make more time for it. 5. Cook for friends at home.
Brooke Wolin 1. Drink more water. 2. Stress less. 3. Travel more. 4. Bike to work (on my new bike!) 5. Saving a little time in the week just for me. Ava Donaldson 1. Eat out less. 2. Cook with seasonal ingredients. 3. Do more yoga. 4. Meditate at the beginning of that day. 5. Not be distracted by work when I'm with my friends. Cheyenne Adler 1. Stay hydrated. 2. Make sure to stretch after working out. 3. Wake up 30 minutes earlier. 4. Eat breakfast in the a.m...even if it's something small! 5. Resist getting caught up in life's difficulties, but rather enjoy all the miracles it has to offer: friends, family, heath.
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Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece