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SBHP We are permanently on a seemingly endless search for a treatment or product that is both anti-aging and anti-blemish. It doesn’t seem crazy to look for both of these properties--aren’t they pretty consistent desires? After empty promises from jars and many, many facials--we were discouraged. That is until we were introduced to Shamara Bondaroff, aka SB Skin. SB uses a specialized technique with microcurrents that answered our prayers. Her treatment is the no risk, non-invasive complement to Botox. The process is simple and does not involve any needles. There are two laser wands that emit an electrical current that SB uses to massage your face. The frequency of the electrical signals not only boosts collagen production, improves skin quality and reduces wrinkles--it also treats sun damage, helps treat acne and rosacea and promotes lymphatic drainage. Simply put--you younger and more beautiful, after just one session! SB also has a treatment for your body, which has the same lifting effect. The only difference is process. SB straps you up to the microcurrent machine with wires ending in sticky pads, which will target the electricity to specific areas (arms, thighs, abs and booty). SB mans the machine by switching to different frequencies throughout the treatment, which stimulate the muscle causing it to contract (aka the same sensation that your body feels from exercises). One treatment with SB’s special machine is the equivalent of doing hundreds of perfect sit-ups and squats--sans sweat. The treatment is great for giving you a nice lift before vacation, or as a nice treat to de-bloat your body. The people that see the best results are definitely those who already eat healthy and work out. Much like anything, consistency pays off. The amount of times to go depends on the condition of your skin and your primary concerns but most clients see SB every month or so. The facial treatment is $190 a pop and the body treatment is $150. We can attest to the fact that it’s totally worth it. Not only did we feel tighter from our face to our toes (and everywhere in between), but we felt totally rejuvenated and absolutely electrified with energy. Plus it’s worth it to just get in a room with SB. She’s an OG when it comes to wellness since she grew up in a completely holistic household and an overall sweetheart. Text: Ava Donaldson
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Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece