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biodermaHPWe’ve been known to covet Parisian style (mais oui bien sûr!)--but our latest obsession is definitely French beauty. We can’t get enough of the fresh faced glow that women there all seem to have. Lucky for us, we recently discovered their secret--the no-makeup look is authentic. Seriously. French women don’t wear makeup. Instead of focusing on covering up flaws, they spend their time nourishing their natural base by seeking out top line skincare products. These women aren’t all flocking to luxury sites for their skincare either--they simply have an amazing selection at their pharmacies. You heard us right--they are getting pristine complexions from price-accessible beauty. One of the incredible French product lines is Bioderma. We were SO excited when Bioderma approached us with an opportunity to celebrate their crossover into the US market. They are now available stateside, via Beautylish.com. On the site, there are 3 special lines--Sensibio, Sébium and Hydrabio. We break down each line and call out our stand outs from each collection below so that you’ll be able to determine which one is best for your unique skin type. Sensibio: Great for women with super sensitive skin and combination skin prone to blemishes as all the products in the collection are super soothing to help tame redness, scaliness and dryness. HBFIT Pick: The Sensibio Eye combats puffiness and redness--aka this product will be your best friend after a long night out! Sébium: Great for girls going through puberty and women with acne-prone or oily complexions since each product is meant to purify blemishes. HBFIT Pick: Since our teenage years, we’ve been on lookout for a product that minimizes our pores--and we found our new fav in Sébium’s Pore Refiner. This cream tightens, while smoothing the texture of our skin--love it. Hydrabio: Great for women with dry and dehydrated skin, this line has special patented capabilities to stimulate the skin’s cellular capacity and reactivate the natural hydration process. HBFIT Pick: Hydrabio H20 has quickly become our go-to makeup remover. The beauty of this product is that it effectively gets rid of even the most long lasting red lip--minus the dry factor. Because water is the base of this product, it always hydrates the skin. Sponsored by Bioderma.
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Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece