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holllyhp Even though it seems like there’s nothing that a good sweat session--recovery is just as important as the workout itself. We’ve been hearing a lot about body rolling--a self-administer release technique that consists of using a ball to remedy sore muscles. To get the real deal on the treatment and it’s simplified benefits, we asked Bonesmith and Transformational Bodyworker, Holly Haupt. Her roster of clients (ranging from Olivia Wilde to Donna Karan to Jason Sudeikis) is almost as impressive as her service list, so we knew she’d be able to break down the advantages: It’s easy. Using a small, 6-10 inch ball you have the ability to work on yourself--anytime and any where. Instant relief. You will sculpt, tone and elongate muscles which releases tension and lactic acid. It helps your respiration too. As a result of frequent body rolling, you breath deeper and easier--which helps all systems of the body repair. You’ll stand up straighter. Your posture will change for the better, as you realign your bones and joints, making moving easier and more pleasurable. Plus, you will strengthen your core! It Won’t Break the Bank. Body rolling is much more cost effective that getting frequent massages or having your chiropractor on speed dial! Your Mind Will Thank You. Body rolling increases relaxation for your mind as well as your body. This creates emotional well being and a good state of mind immediately. Follow Holly.
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Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece