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The Cat Eye is timeless. Season to season, we see makeup artists recreate it--adding their own twist to reinvent the single wing. However, creating a perfect line ourselves can be quite intimidating--and because most of us don’t have a professional at our disposal we set out on a quest to find an easier way. Enter, ABLE Cosmetics. Founder Dana Rae Ashburn sought to solve that very problem we all face--creating the iconic look we all crave to perfect, in a super simple way. With its half tool, half liner package, ABLE's unique product allows its wearer to draw on a professional grade Cat Eye--anytime, anywhere. And ABLE isn’t just simple to use--it’s an overall hyper conscious product. To describe some of our favorite characteristics of the liner, we decided to illustrate them with our favorite Cat Eye looks, below: GLUTEN FREE: You might be thinking to yourself "Really? Is gluten free necessary for a cosmetic product?" No, it isn't. BUT our generation is very conscious of avoiding certain allergens. The skin around your eyes is so thin and sensitive that if you did have this allergy you would most likely develop a rash or inflammation since if you are allergic to gluten internally it is hard to say if you will be allergic to gluten externally. 160109_CodyLidtke_HBFIT_LOOK2_013 Up in Arms Necklace | ALIX NYC Mia Bodysuit SMUDGE PROOF: Dana always wanted Cat Eye 101 to be smudge proof rather than waterproof since finding that water resistant makeup was too hard to get off and can sometimes damage your skin in the removal process. So what’s the difference? Because they are formulated with different polymers, waterproof is resistant to water and tears whereas smudge proof is more resistant to body oils and sweat. So for all our girls that workout at lunch--this might be your new jam! 160109_CodyLidtke_HBFIT_LOOK1_010 Up in Arms Earring, Bangle + Collar | ALIX NYC Astor Bodysuit CRUELTY FREE: It was important to me that my product be cruelty free. Instead of testing on animals, we tested on Italians! I'm not kidding. The lab we are using is based in Milan and 30 very nice Italian people signed up to be test subjects. These willing candidates were paid and watched after. After a patch test is applied they watch to see if their skin reacts to the formula. Luckily we were were all clear! 160109_CodyLidtke_HBFIT_LOOK3_004 Up In Arms Necklace + Ring | ALIX NYC Thompson Bodysuit Photography: Cody Lidtke Makeup: ABLE Cosmetics by Dana Rae Ashburn + Sammy Jo Tobin Hair: Ashley Rubell Nails: Mei Kawajiri Model: Susannah Schaffer Production: Ava Rose Donaldson Styling: ALIX NYC + Up in Arms Jewelry
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Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece