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#HBFITShops: Post Workout Body Soaks

After a hard workout, you deserve a little treat yo' self pampering. After all, you made it to that spin class despite all the odds that might be working against you (aka the snooze button, a crazy-busy schedule, and Netflix). The health benefits of healthy, post-workout snacks have been well documented, but why not treat your body inside and out after a gym session? Here are a few of our favorite beauty buys to help prevent post-workout soreness so you can get back to hitting the gym this spring for the summer season:

Cleanse: The combination of walnut and almond shell in this Farmers’ Welsh Lavender Scrub make it super exfoliating. It isn’t just about function for this sweet smelling soap though—the fresh sent of lavender mixed with ylang yang, geranium and frakincense make it ultra exotic!

Glow: Therapie Roques O’Neil’s Awaken Skin Rehab is sure to leave you shiny and silky from head to toe! But that’s not all—this scrub penetrates way below surface level. It’s ingredients allows it boost circulation within the body and increase oxygen flow.

Hydrate: Treat your feet with Arch Sole Saviour’s Scrub! This power product is specifically designed to give some tough love to your arches with a combo of pumice and rose hip seed.

Detoxify: FIG+YARROW’s Mustard Soak’s take on a traditional formula and effective detoxifier is a great go-to soak for general health, well-being and relaxation. Warming mustard opens pores to facilitate perspiration to promote body detoxification and the ridding of impurities, getting your body ready for your next workout sesh.

Tighten: Now coffee isn’t just for your AM wake up call. Moon Rivers Naturals Coffee and Grapefruit Body Scrub is said to actually tighten your skin and combat cellulite. Sign us up?!

Exfoliate: Caudalie can do no wrong—and their Divine Body Scrub is no exception. The combination of brown sugar, paired with natural grape, argan, rose, vanilla and white musk gently buffs the skin while making it damn near close to edible!

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