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Let's be honest-- misplacing your credit card and not having time to get a new one ASAP is something we can all relate to. But fear no more, because Square Cash is here to banish every IOU in sight. This app is beyond user friendly: all you have to do to get started is download on the app -- no signup necessary! You can use Square Cash to pay back your friends who covered anything for you--from your coffee to spin class fee or even your cable bill--and unlike other payment apps there are no credit card fees. So, we aren't encouraging you to misplace your credit card--just saying that your life won't be terrible until your replacement comes (or until you find it a week later at the bottom of your gym bag). Here are just a few of the ways we are using Square Cash to make our lives a little easier these days: Processed with VSCO with a9 preset The HBFit team makes sure to stay both caffeinated (and hydrated) throughout the day, so when it's your turn to run out and buy, you need an easy way for co-workers to pay you back. When the whole office uses Square, you can be re-paid before you've even collected everyone's orders. Processed with VSCO with a8 preset "I could have swore I put my card in here somewhere!" says every on-the-go girl on some occasion. Don't worry, we've all been there and needed a friend to cover us for that post-office workout class. Square helps you be a good friend back by allowing you to simply pull out your phone and re-pay your debt just like that. Processed with VSCO with a8 preset We all dread it....that unfortunate time of the month when half your paycheck disappears towards "rent" rather than all those new leggings at Bandier you've been eyeing. With Square, you can seamlessly pay your roommate for your half of the rent and still have time to browse the flash-sale on Revolve before your lunch break is up. Processed with VSCO with a9 preset On the way home from the office, we'll usually pick up groceries for dinner. Now if you've ever had a roommate, you know how complicated it can be at the end of the month keeping track of who bought what. Keep it all in real time with Square by sending your request straight to your roommate's phone so you can get back to discussing the season finale of Broad City #yassssqueen. Text by: Cheyenne Adler Sponsored by: Square Cash
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Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece