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If you’re an #HBFIT regular, you know that this is my first Letter from the Editor. If you’re new, welcome! Moving forward we are changing our approach to content a little bit -- each month will bring a new theme and a new letter from me. (No need to worry though, our same no BS approach to wellness will stay the same!)

The theme of October is reflect—taking the time to stop and think about what we have accomplished the past year and ponder the direction in which we are heading. Personally, 2015 has been extremely transitional for me. I took a huge risk leaving Beautified to start HBFIT, a decision that I feared would lead to backlash from my peers. I also renovated a home with my fiance (a process that every New Yorker will tell you is hell on Earth), got engaged and am in the midst of planning a wedding! Things are really starting to fall into place -- which has just solidified my belief in sticking to your gut, even when you are tested. HBFIT has also had quite the journey so far—we have written some jaw-dropping stories (F**ck the Thigh Gap and What Your Pee is Telling You About Your Health, are top of mind), we have grown from 700 to 15k on Instagram and we have shifted our focus from my personal wellness exploration to a platform showcasing the amazing people that make up our community. It has been so empowering to know what our readers want: a destination that they can rely on to be honest, positive and fun. So please let me introduce you to the new and improved version of HBFIT, which going forward stands for HEALTH BEAUTY FITNESS. We see ourselves as your knowledgeable best friend--seeking to bring all relevant happenings in these three categories to your attention. This month you can expect a delicious Vegan Cookie Dough, the real deal with Vegan Protein, a new flow from our girl Claire Fountain and a fun shoot with Woolmark brands.


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Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece