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letterhbinnovateHBAs 2016 progresses, innovation has been on my mind in a major way. Although this word is often connected with the tech industry, it is one of the main motivators behind HBFIT’s content creation.

Innovation in the business of information can be intimidating. Not only do we want to create fresh content that you all want to read, but we want to keep reinventing our offering in general. Because HBFIT has such a lean team and is a start up, we have to think about balancing the responsibilities of the day to day with the larger priority of propelling the brand forward. Instead of being overwhelmed, I find that taking small steps everyday has led HBFIT and me personally to be creators. For both the site and myself, I find brainstorming to be such a valuable tool. I set aside time every week to push myself to dream about everything from what kind of pictures I want to take to what topics I’d like the site to cover to what kind of products are missing from the market. I also use this time to reflect--to be cognizant of what we have done in the past so that I know how HBFIT and I can react to improve and reinvent. How will you prioritize innovation this month and beyond? What is interesting you these days? What do you want to see more of from HBFIT? Please tell us in the comments! x, HB
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Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece