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Happy December! With the holidays right around the corner, it's often hard to keep focused on maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. That's why these next few weeks we are thinking about Optimization. To me this means, being able to do it all--getting geared up for the holidays and enjoying family time, all the while staying HBFIT. I believe the key to maintaining this efficiency is to stay organized and to keep goals clear in your mind. I decided that the best way to stay HBFIT this holiday season would be by set an attainable goal. I’ve partnered with Adidas to set my intention to combat the craziness. I decided that the key to sticking to a healthy routine is being mindful--most importantly, during my workouts. By doing so I'm able to get a good sweat in, no matter what my schedule may be or where ever I am in the world. It may be cliche, but when it comes to exercising, it is about quality over quantity. In a time crunch, I may not have an hour to spare, but I can still get in a great routine in in 20 minutes. How will you take on this month to stay HBFIT during the holidays? If you're not sure yet--don't worry! We've got a ton of content to help you through it--from recipes to healthy stocking stuffers to at home workouts. x, HB Sponsored by: Adidas Women | Adidas | Adidas ‘I Got This’
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Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece