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HBHPWe put a lot of pressure on January. It's the month that we decide that we are going to change--whether that be eating healthy, working out, being a better friend, or starting a new hobby. This desire to change often puts a lot of pressure to drastically change habits and start fresh--which can often deter us from accomplishment. Last month we discussed optimization--the importance of organizing your time to set yourself up for balance and success. The other part of this is prioritization--knowing what is most important on your to-do list and keeping that overarching goal in mind. This month we will focus on content that aids you in doing just that. As a procrastinator, I often leave things to the last minute so here’s what I’m working on prioritizing this month: Goal: Eating as clean as possible How I’m Prioritizing: Spending Sunday grocery shopping and prepping food that afternoon. I’ll make a dish or two that can be eaten throughout the week. I’ll also chop a ton of veggies so that I can grab a snack on the go or throw them all in the bowl for a quick but clean meal. Goal: Meeting my deadlines How I’m Prioritizing: Setting a few deadlines, rather than just one. I’ll place all due dates in my calender with multiple alerts so that I am reminded. By giving myself a few days between writing the rough draft and final copy, I give myself the proper time to successfully create great content. Goal: Doing more community service How I’m Prioritizing: One of my best friends works for Global Citizen and always inspires me to give back to my community. This month I’ll be volunteering with her--that way I am accountable for a plan. Plus I get to give back with a close girlfriend--there’s nothing better. Whatever you are trying to achieve, it can be accomplished by prioritizing. Don’t feel overwhelmed--identify your goals, break it down and make it happen. You got this! x, HB
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Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece