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Coming off of Memorial Day weekend reminds us that bikini season is in full swing -- which can leave some us in a major panic! Listen--just because you had ribs or an extra margarita or two to celebrate the holiday, doesn’t mean that your summer body has to or will suffer permanently. We want to remind you to, as always, be mindful--which is why we are prioritizing relaxation this month. The important distinction here, however, is between relaxation and laziness--because sometimes the two are confused. Relaxation is allowing your mind, body and soul to unwind in a way that you enjoy. This could be by taking a walk after a long day, watching a new tv show or trying a meditation class. Taking time to rest is essential for our own productivity and overall mental health, and is important to practice consistently. For me for example, making dinner at home is always my release for the day. I am able to completely zone out while preparing, plating and enjoying my meal. Laziness on the other hand, is not respecting your body. It means choosing to veg-out repeatedly over activity and or not being conscious of your food decisions. This is more of an attitude that is destructive and can lead to low-energy and consistent fatigue. So, this month I want you all to think about how to honor your body to give it the R&R it needs to be it’s best self. Whether that be by flow it out, indulging in a post-workout body scrub, or trying a new recipe, do something nice for yourself every day. x, HB
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Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece