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Karma activewear is just like boxing—dynamic. And just like a heavyweight champ, Karma dodged major issues that many activewear companies come into to contact with—high retail mark-ups, flimsy pieces and unethical production. As noted on their site, Karma nimbly toes the line between “active and fashion, comfort and style.” In practical terms—Karma allows you to look great while you sweat, in clothes that can handle high-intensity. We wanted a real boxer to give Karma a go, so we reached out to Olivia Amato of Shadowbox NYC. Although it isn’t 12 rounds, Olivia’s workout might be just as tough. Karma prevailed however, keeping Olivia looking super-chic throughout her sweat sesh. You can find Olivia’s kick-ass power workout, below. Warm Up:
  1. 30 seconds jumping rope or jumping jacks
  2. 30 seconds high knees
  3. 30 seconds butt kicks
  4. 30 seconds planks on forearms
  5. 30 seconds mountain climbers from push-up position
  6. 30 seconds squats
  7. 30 seconds squat jumps
  8. 30 seconds burpees (in a fluid motion, squat, bend at the hips, place hands on ground, kick feet back so that you’re in a plank position, bring feet back to underneath your hands, and while standing up use that momentum to end with a vertical jump)
Work Out (Total time 20 Minutes):
  1. jab, cross (for power)
  2. jab, cross, hook
  3. upper cut, upper cut
  4. jab, cross, duck, cross
  5. alternating slip and hook
  6. non stop jab, cross (for speed)
Do each exercise for 30 seconds. At the end, do 1 minute of active recovery (below). Repeat this 4 times. 1st round active recovery: Push ups 2nd round active recovery: High Knees 3rd round active recovery: Sit ups 4th round active recovery: Plank Jab Fully extend your lead hand and rotate it at the end like you are pouring a pitcher of water. Keep your chin to your shoulder and your back hand up to protect your face. Snap your hand back to your face right after punching. Boxing is all about speed! Cross This is with your back hand. it is a straight shot (you are not punching across your body despite the name). As you punch, you pivot your back foot and then snap your hand back to your face. Keep your lead hand up guarding your face. Stay pretty! Lead Hand Hook The hook is one of the harder shots in boxing to master. Is is a short shot at 90 degrees. Act as if you are punching something around a barrel and pivot your front foot while throwing your hook. Your arm should be positioned between your chin and your chest. Protect your face with your back hand while throwing your lead hand hook. Back Hand Upper Cut Pretend that you are punching up and through a cylinder. As you punch up your palm should face your face and your elbow should be pointed towards the ground. Drive your shot with your hips and pivot your back foot forward. Lead Hand Upper Cut Basically the same as the back hand uppercut, except that you are pivoting with your front foot. Remember that your palm should be facing your face and your elbow should be pointed towards the ground. Snap your hand back to your face immediately after you finish the punch. Duck Under Squat down and come back up. Make your opponent miss and pay! Slips Pivot your feet side to side (alternating between your lead and back foot) in your boxing stance and add an oblique crunch as your pivot from side to side. The idea here is to is move laterally and downwards to avoid getting hit with a punch. Text: Ava Donaldson Photography: Courtesy Olivia Amato. Keep up with her and Shadowbox NYC, on Instagram. Sponsored Post.
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