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chloeHPFor this Move it Monday, we’re uniting two brands that both prioritize intersection-- Sarah Levey, co-founder of y7 studio and AEANCE. Y7 makes yoga approachable by celebrating individuality with catchy hip hop music and candlelight. AEANCE has a similar commitment to the individual--intersecting fashionable cuts with serious functionality. Because of their similar missions, we introduced them to see what would happen! Sarah tested their latest collection out in a custom flow for our readers. The verdict? AEANCE was definitely dynamic enough for Sarah’s downward dog. Flow: Down Dog: With hands flat on the ground and fingers spread wide, engage your belly is to lift the hips high. Make sure that your feet are on the ground (about hips width distance apart). On an inhale, lift the right leg up toward the ceiling. As you exhale, bring the knee into the nose and step the right foot in between your hands arriving in a low lunge. 1H7A9907 1H7A9866 Low Lunge: As you inhale, windmill your arms up keeping the right knee bent to arrive in… 1H7A9889 Warrior 2: Make sure your front foot is in line with the arch of your back foot. Arms are out long, reaching away in opposition. Stay here for two whole breaths. 1H7A9874 Reverse Triangle: Straighten your right leg and tilt back raising the right arm overhead as the left arm grazes down the back leg. Keep your gaze up toward the ceiling and stay here for 2 breaths. 1H7A9882 Triangle: Keeping the legs as they are and the arms straight, rise back up to draw the torso toward the right leg bring the right arm down and left arm up coming into triangle pose. Remember to tuck your pelvis under in order to avoid over arching the lower back. Then bend the knee frame the front foot with both hands and extend the right leg back into… 1H7A9886 3 legged dog: Assume the first position of down dog, but with one leg reaching up and back. 1H7A9911 3 leg chaturanga - Keeping the right leg lifted, draw the body forward and come halfway down into chaturanga. Replace the right foot and end in… 1H7A9946 Updog: Keep the tops of your feet on the ground, your thighs lifted and chest open. 1H7A9947 **Repeat the entire flow on the other side. Flow by: Sarah Levey Intro by: Ava Donaldson Photography by: Chloe Crane-Leroux Sponsored by AEANCE.
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Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece