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New York to Los Angeles fashion comparison

When travelling from the Big Apple to the City of Angels or vice-versa, you're guaranteed to be struck by the major differences between these two cities. If the weather doesn't tip you off when you first step off the plane, you'll know you're on the opposite coast simply by looking around at what people are wearing. To give you a heads up on what you might be in for (or to help you attain that big-city look you're going for), we've put together our own style comparison for New York and Los Angeles.

Health vs. Hustle

Relaxed clothing for Los Angeles

The LA lifestyle is all about looking healthy. A life filled with that beachy glow, juice cleanses and hikes up Runyon Canyon means you're going to see a lot more active gear, sneakers and sports bras in Los Angeles than you would in most urban settings. NYC, on the other hand, is adorned with form-fitting, professional office wear. You might catch some joggers in Central Park, but other than that, it's pretty much "dress for success" in the Big Apple.

Boho Chic vs. SoHo Sleek

Boho chic white dress for los angeles fashion

When you consider the collective attitude of each city, these major American hubs couldn't be more different. LA-dwellers are bubbly, friendly and ultra-social, while New Yorkers are edgy, cool and sophisticated. And you can bet that this comes through in the street style of each city. Los Angeles is made for eclectic, boho numbers, gemstone jewelry, exciting prints and long flowing locks. Compare this to New York, which is more about sleek, structured pieces, tailored blazers, blackout shades and polished ponytails or bobs.

Light Goddess vs. Dark Angel

All black outfit for New York

If you want to highlight the major differences in fashion culture between Los Angeles and New York, you might only need to look at one thing: the amount of color you see in each city.

Los Angeles is vibrant and bright; you'll find long, flowing maxi dresses, light cotton textures and pops of sunny color virtually everywhere you turn. In comparison, New York appears strictly stark. If you're packing for NYC, don't forget to tone down your color palette and pack your fav LBD. New Yorkers err on the side of tailored modesty, dressing predominantly in monochrome outfits punctuated by edgy textures like leather, fur and wool.

Bright Days vs. Cold Nights

Structured grey hat for new york fashion

When it comes to the street style of each city, the weather plays a key role in determining what to wear. You're more likely to see cut-offs, crop tops and little dresses with bare legs and open-toed shoes in sunny LA, while New Yorkers are always prepared for cold coastal nights. Expect large coats, knee-high boots and structured hats for daytime, especially during the winter months.

The nice thing about being able to visit these two vastly different cities is that when it comes to fashion, you can always find an excuse to wear your favorite winter and summer pieces. Whether dressed for the boardroom in the Big Apple or the beach in LA, these coastal trendsetters have certainly made a mark on the world of modern fashion.

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