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It’s that time of year—the leaves are quickly turning all sorts of oranges and yellows and the warmth of the sun is fading away. If you’re lucky, you’ll experience this shift in seasons without a shift in your health and overall comfort. If you’re one of the unlucky ones, on the other hand, you might come down with a sniffly nose, sore throat and a case of the dreaded seasonal allergies. To take action against hay fever this fall, let’s take a look at how to fight summer-to-fall allergies.

Try Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy or meditation alleviated the symptoms of hay fever in participants in a 2005 Swiss study, so don’t write off deep breathing and relaxation as another hoax. Close your eyes, take deep breaths and let go of your tension and circulating thoughts.

Put on the Red Light

It might sound strange, but shining a red light like this Aculight up your nose can alleviate your sneezing and runny nose, two of the most irritating symptoms of hay fever. It can also reduce histamine production and decrease inflammation in your nasal passageways. Roxanne was onto something.

Herbal Remedies


A rather long yet effective list of herbal remedies for fighting off hay fever include Vitamin C, fish oil, hot peppers containing an active component called capsaicin, chamomile tea, garlic and oil leaf extracts. Try incorporating any or all of these into your diet so that you can relax and enjoy the fall weather.

Try Immunotherapy

Ask your doctor about immunotherapy (which can involve either an injection or a tablet) if you anticipate hay fever being an issue for you this coming season shift. This therapy introduces small amounts of pollen into your immune system, allowing you to slowly build up a resistance to the irritation-causing dust.

Daily Honey or Bee Pollen


Although scientific evidence is sticky on this point (pun intended), a daily spoonful of honey is anecdotally described as one of the best cures for hay fever. Daily bee pollen is also said to ward off allergies and boost the immune system.

Wrap-Around Sunglasses

Protect your eyes from pollen in the air with fully-enclosed, wrap-around sunglasses that leave no part of your tender, watery eyes exposed to the air. Don’t compromise on style and pick up a pair of these next time you're able.

Stop Smoking

Looking for another reason to butt out? Cigarette smoke is yet another allergen that will further irritate your eyes, nose and airways. If you’re suffering from seasonal hay fever, now is the perfect time to quit smoking.

Take an Antihistamine

If all else fails, consider taking antihistamines around the seasonal shift from summer to fall even if you aren’t experiencing symptoms. An odd antihistamine pill or drops like SOS HistaDrops around this time will help your body fight off the pollen and dust in the air that could eventually lead to watery eyes and a sniffly nose. Consider it a preventative measure that can help out alongside the natural methods above.

With these (mostly) natural cures to ease your summer-to-fall hay fever symptoms, you can sit back and relax. Finally, you can breathe easy and enjoy Halloween, Thanksgiving and everything else this awesome transition seasons offers. Ahhhhhh.

Photos: Shirley, Up-Free, StockSnap

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