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Cooking a healthy meal (and then getting into the habit of it) isn't easy when you're used to eating out or whipping up a pot of pasta at the end of a long day. But there's still hope—even if you're not exactly Martha Stewart in the kitchen. Whether you're using a slow cooker or crockpot, or have found a recipe for a totally "no cook" dish, creating healthy, delicious meals doesn't have to be difficult.

Start out with these five healthy choices that practically cook themselves and you'll be considered a star in the kitchen in no time. Don't worry, your secret's safe with us ;)

Slow Cooker Zucchini Ziti

zucchini ziti Skinny Ms.

This slow cooker zucchini ziti recipe by Skinny Ms. is easy and delicious. It might even convince your company that you spent hours in the kitchen just to please them. Little do they know you simply threw everything in a pot, pushed a button and let your slow cooker do its magic. The perfect vegetarian dish, this recipe will have you drooling from the moment its aromas begin to fill your home right up until you take your first bite. Give it a try with this gluten-free pasta we love.

Prosciutto, Peach and Sweet Lettuce Salad

no cook peach and proscuitto salad

Salads don't require cooking (obviously) and you've probably visited this simple lunch option many times before. But most salads are so bland that you end up wishing you'd fired up the grill anyways. Well, those days are gone, so put down that lighter and pick up this recipe! This easy-to-make prosciutto, peach and sweet lettuce salad from MyRecipes will satiate your sweet tooth and leave you with plenty of time to do better things with your evening than slave over the stove.

Raw Pancakes

raw pancakes the Rawtarian

We all love pancakes in the morning, but who has the time to actually prepare them? If this is a familiar predicament, take on these raw pancakes from The Rawtarian, which simply require mixing some ingredients together (namely flaxseed meal), shape them into pancakes and toss them in the fridge for the night. Rich and delicious, these morning treats are best served with your favorite fresh fruits.

Slow-Cooked Stuffed Peppers

slow cooker stuffed peppers

At 317 calories per pepper and loaded with essential nutrients, this recipe by Taste of Home is a must-try. It's perfect if you want to try something a little impressive and different for a dinner party without actually putting yourself at risk of setting your apartment on fire. Assemble these stuffed peppers and pop them in your slow cooker so that they're deliciously gooey by the time your guests arrive. Our one modification? Try these with dairy-free cheese.

Open-Faced Tuna and Fennel Sandwiches

tuna and fennel sandwiches

This ain't your momma's tuna fish sandwich! Garnished with delicious and healthy fennel, this open-faced tuna sandwich from Real Simple brings you tasty capers brushed with glow-inducing Extra Virgin olive oil. Simply mix the ingredients, store them in the fridge and spread them over a slice of gluten-free bread or crunchy cracker for an easy weekday lunch.

There you have it! Whether you consider yourself to be a Julia Child, a Betty Crocker, or nothing remotely close, these recipes will have you whipping up some incredible eats—free of kitchen frustration. Now that should leave you feeling #blessed.

Photos: condesign, SkinnyMs., Chiociolla / Shutterstock, The Rawtarian, Fnsy / Shutterstock, Yulia Davidovich / Shutterstock

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