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newp We are super excited to announce that we will be featuring CollegeFashionista Style Gurus monthly on our site. Kicking off the series is Carly Tice from Farleigh Dickinson University! See how she lives the #HBFIT Lifestyle on campus, below: Most people know the important factors of living a healthy lifestyle: eating lots of vegetables, drinking a ton of water, getting good sleep and exercising consistently. But as a NCAA Division I soccer player, here are 5 surprising tips on how I live the HBFIT lifestyle while at college: Drink your milk, chocolate milk that is. Researchers, at Indiana University, have found that drinking chocolate milk after a high intensity workout helps muscle recovery. Now I know what you are thinking, “dairy after a workout? That’s gross.” I thought the same thing when I learned about it! But here’s the deal: chocolate milk has the perfect ratio of carbohydrates to proteins between 3:1 and 4:1 so it shortens recovery time and replaces fluids and electrolytes quickly. And unlike water, chocolate milk also provides nutrients like calcium and magnesium. Chocolate milk has become my favorite post workout drink and is a treat I look forward to! Plus, most cafeterias carry chocolate milk so it’s easy to come by! You don’t have to be recruited to play sports in college. Whether you are a Division I athlete or someone looking to be active, there is always something happening on campus. Many schools offer a variety of activities from yoga classes, kickboxing clubs, and weightlifting gyms to intramural sports. Joining an intramural sport or a class, beyond the classroom, makes working out fun and helps you meet new people. Look good, perform better. When I look and feel my best--I exude more confidence, which leads me to perform better. For me, it all starts with rocking a good pair of sneakers to the gym or actually taking the time to tie my hair back in a sleek ponytail. Not matter what it is, make yourself feel fabulous before you sweat to bring your workout session to the next level. Set short and long-term goals. As a student-athlete, the concept of goal setting is extremely important. This simple technique has changed not only my athletic life but also my academic and daily life. I like to think of short-term goals as all the little stones it takes to achieving your long-term goal. Some examples of my short and long term goals for the year are working out 6 days a week, prepping 3 days in advance for tests, getting abs and getting A’s in all my classes. Whatever the goal is--write it down and watch how simple it is to reach it! Find someone to workout with. There’s nothing like some healthy motivation--and competition! Whether that is being first in 800 meter repeats or winning a team scrimmage, competition is what makes a team, and all its parts, better. Find someone who has the same goals as you but is that much better than you. By surrounding ourselves with people who are better, or more experienced, than us, we learn from them and improve. Healthy competition today motivates us to be better tomorrow than we were yesterday! Living a healthy lifestyle at school can be challenging, but applying these 5 simple tips might help you better live the HBFIT lifestyle! Text By: Carly Tice
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