It's only natural that when you're out shopping for presents for your loved ones this holiday season, you'll start to want to treat yourself too. The thing is, even though it's typically an expensive time of the year, there's still no reason you should feel guilty about a little me-time and me-spending. Take the remorse out of the equation and follow our tips for treating yourself over the holidays—'cause you deserve it!

Invest in Long-Wanted, Long-Lasting Necessities

Stop waiting for someone else to get it for you—a nice pair of shoes or a warm coat is a must-have! Investing in clothes or other items that you use on a daily basis is simply a smart decision, so if you're feeling the urge to splurge, choose something that you've been wanting for a long time and that will also serve you for years to come.

Conduct a Confidence Makeover

Treat yourself guilt-free by pin-pointing the areas in your life or appearance that cause you to feel less than confident then give yourself a confidence makeover! Whether its a new haircut, a trip to the nail salon or attending a public speaking seminar, a boost in confidence is always worth indulging in.

Reward Yourself with a Treat

'Tis the season to treat yourself to candy canes, turkey dinners and delicious holiday beverages. To avoid the natural guilt associated with munching on gingerbread and sipping mulled wine, use these types of treats as a reward after a hard workout or a good yoga sesh, rather than an everyday indulgence.

Relax for the Greater Good

You hardly ever send yourself to the spa and with the cold, harsh weather outside, there couldn't be a more perfect time to experience some beautifying relaxation. Get yourself a spa treatment like a facial or a massage. Leave any guilt at the door and remind yourself that over time, these spa trips will help you destress and remain youthful and radiant!

Getaway with Your New Year's Resolution

Everyone wants to travel more and since this is on the top of your 'must-change' and 'must-do' list, consider booking yourself a sunny vacation to jumpstart your New Year's resolutions. Choose somewhere you've always wanted to go and feel good about spending money on something life-changing rather than an extra drink at the bar or a second coffee in your day.

Make Productive Purchases

New yoga pants, a badass 2016 planner or that class you've always wanted to take—treat yourself with purchases that will make you more productive in the year to come. This can apply to whichever area of your life you choose, whether its fitness, business or self-improvement.

So there you have it! A bundle of ways to treat yourself this season while quickly ditching any associated guilt. Get into the spirit of giving this winter and make sure to give back to yourself when you can—after all, you're worth it.

Photos: bogdandimages / Shutterstock, donterase, SGPhotography77, Foundry